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Poor service

2: Seeker

I saw that someone else wanted to let the community know about her poor experience so here is mine from today before I cool down.

I have a Nokia Asha 300, not the fanciest phone in the world but the second one I have had so it must be doing something right. When I went into the Elgin store in April 2013 to renew my contract, I was served by a very helpful assistant, but when someone I assumed to be her supervisor came along and saw that I wasnt upgrading, his disdain was quite obvious. I decided then that this would be my last contract with Vodafone and if I was going to upgrade at all it would be with another company.

Last week for some reason my phone 'died'. Wasnt dropped, immersed in alcohol, dropped down the toilet, etc nothing so exciting, just like me and my little phone. I took it in to the store where 'sidney sneer' as I have referred to him many times when reliving my contract renewal experience, was in attendance. He invite me to the counter by raising an eyebrow and I stepped forward thinking "why him?". I explained that the phone would not unlock when the screen was swiped and if it did unlock then the command keys and menu on the screen wouldnt work. I work in a remote and rural are I explained and my phone is vital . He asked if it was insured, as Vodafone would supply a replacement temporary phone in that case and it would need to be sent to Nokia for repair. He also suggested I put my sim card in another phone  and said that everything else on the phone would be lost if he sent it away. Quite the Hobsons choice!

I  suggested that maybe Vodafone should replace it as I still have 6 months left in my two year contract with no way of using the  minutes and texts I have signed up for on a phone which is not fit for the advertised purpose. No thats not how things work in 'Sidneys' kingdom. I understand that this is Vodafone policy and hes only doing what he is told but my point is that I should be assured of the two years worth of the minutes and texts I have signed up for. As advised on your web site I may just take the Ombudsman option this time.

Maybe his derisory chuckle last year was because he knew something about the phone which he wasnt passing along? Hmmmm.

Looks like my decision to move on from Vodafone will be executed that much sooner, along with my husband and a few other friends whose contract renewals are pending. Paying for a contract I cant use for the next 6 months is actually a small price to pay to not have to deal with Vodafone again.

 I wish you had a facility to complain via e mail as this isnt the first issue I have had with Vodafone and I was left quite stressed after my last encounter and dont wish to repeat it.

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17: Community Champion

Notwithstanding the poor impression that this person has given you, the information you've been given is entirely correct.


The phone and the contract are completely separate as the contract doesn't include the phone at all. In fact the terms and conditions explicitly exclude the phone from the contract:


A, This agreement covers the SIM and any services I use in my plan. It doesn't cover any mobile equipment


In other words, whether the phone works or not has nothing to do with the contract. If the phone supplied by the contract doesn't work Vodafone will repair it under warranty but they are under no obligation to give you a working phone.




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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @DL58 ,

I'm sorry to see your phone isn't working.

You can find further details about your warranty here and our repairs process here.

We can only offer loan phones to Red plan customers and those with Vodafone Cover Me Insurance.

If you'd rather not use our in house options, you're entitled to approach directly. You can find your nearest Nokia Care Point here

If you need my team to pass any feedback about your store experience on to the area manager, take a look here for how to get in touch.

We aim to reply to emails within 48 hours. If you need a quicker response, please visit our Contact Us page.



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