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There is a default email address that I cannot correct

2: Seeker

I recently ordered & received a Nokia Lumia 635 phone and on trying to access certain area of this phone, it requires me  to enter a Microsoft password for an email account that no longer exists. The email address relates to my previous company email & system account that expired when I retired from that company early in 2009.

Two problems, I cannot remember my password from the date and the email account was suspended the day after I retired. How can I delete the incorrect & existing email address and apply one that is current and relates to my retired status. This aspect of security is locked and must relate to detail that was current whilst employed but due to passage of time as oulined already is now causing me an issue that so far with Vodaphone local technicans seems to be be going round in circles with no answers. Any suggestions/help appreciated & many thanks.



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Community Champion (Retired)

Its going to depend if its the primary microsoft acount

if its not then settings, email and acounts, long press the acount and select delete



If its the primary acount then you may need to reset the phone and set up a new microsoft acount as the primary 


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


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