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Windows Phone 8.1 For 925

2: Seeker

When is the 8.1 update coming for the 925??

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Community Champion (Retired)

Windows phone 8.1 or Lumina Cyan has not yet been officialy released, which is why you don't see the update, 

Current release is scheduled for Q3, rumours are the end of next month


The website you are pointing to is refering to windows phone 8/Lumina Black 


What you are seeing news about is the release of 8.1 preview for developers, 

this is a programme by which registered developers can install an app to their phones and receive beta versions of updates 

8.1 was released in this manner a month or so ago and has had 2 updates since (the latest a day or so ago)


Anyone can register as a developer and download the app which unlocks the ability to download these updates, but updating your phone to the dev preview may void the warentee 


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


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4: Newbie

I received a general MS email and it stated to ask your phone operator when they will be releasing windows phone 8.1 for you device.  I know the 925 was one of the 1st phones to get the update in another country, but I thought I would ask now.  I really hope vodafone dont mess about like on my Nokia C6, as i was informed they would allow the update over 3 years ago and im still waiting.  Vodafone need a Firmware policy change, which states if they cannot approve (or can't be bothered to approve) firmware within ONE year, then nokia are allowed for the software updating software to install Generic firmware if the customer would like to.  I had a good phone until vodafone would not approve a fix that nearly all otther operators allowed their customers to use.  DONT RUIN OTHER PHONES WITH THIS REALLY SILLY ATTITUDE!

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11: Established

Microsoft/Nokia have stated they hope to have the WP8.1 roll out completed by by the end of Q3.


With previous roll outs, they have published a schedule, but I havent been able to find one yet.



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Moderator (Retired)

Hi ish68,


Thanks for your posts.


I understand that you're keen to download the firmware.


There's more information on firmware timescales here.





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11: Established
I was at a Microsoft/Nokia partner event today and they stated WP8.1 will start rolling out last two weeks in July, but will be staggered across devices and networks.

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2: Seeker

Thanks for thew link Ian.  Unfortunately it points to a non-existent page :-(


With Vodafone already selling the Nokia 630 and 635, both running Windows Phone 8.1, why is there such a lack of information for exisiting Vodafone bound Nokia Lumia customers on when this important update will become available?


I for one am desperate for VPN support on the OS which is only available on 8.1.

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16: Advanced member

You'll find the content of the link below.  I'm afraid that Vodafone will not comment any further that the info below regarding when the firmware will be out for your handset.


Why does Vodafone have its own software on phones?

We customise phone software to optimise the experience on the Vodafone network and to enable access to our services. On a basic level, this involves making sure that things like picture messaging, voicemail and internet connections are set up correctly. On a more advanced level, this is more extensive such as the preloading of services (People, My Web, 360 Shop, etc), but this varies from phone to phone.

Why does Vodafone delay the issue of future software updates?


Before releasing any software updates, we test it thoroughly to make sure it provides the best experience on our network.


Our testing process begins as soon as we receive the software. This often happens once the manufacturer has already released an open market version.


During the testing, we report any issues with the software back to the manufacturer for them to address. Once the firmware’s approved, we return it to the manufacturer and they’ll then distribute this to customers through the appropriate channels.


We do this with every phone we sell, regardless of whether or not the phone contains branded software.


If you’ve bought the phone from a third party (Phones 4U, Carphone Warehouse etc) then it’s possible that it may not be on the Vodafone version of software. In this case, the manufacturer would be in control of releasing any future updates. 


Do you add or remove anything compared to the standard firmware?


To ensure the phone’s optimised for use on the Vodafone network, we’ll sometimes add or remove certain functions. For example, we’d remove an app that only worked in America to avoid any confusion for people trying to use it in the UK. We’d also remove any other operators’ settings from the phone to free up memory. 

When will the update be available?


As above, there are a number of factors which influence a release date. This means we can’t give a date - even an estimate would often change. 


What happens if I update my phone to an unofficial (non-Vodafone) version of software?


All phones that we sell are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Providing any software is downloaded officially via the manufactures website, PC software or over the air, there should be no impact on its validity.


Any update that users are prompted to download to their phone through an official channel, is classed as an official update. For example, if an update is available for your Samsung Galaxy  through Samsung’s Kies PC Sync software, your warranty won’t be impacted if you choose to install it.


Your warranty may be invalidated if you download software which falls outside of this process.

Firmware Feedback


As there’s nothing more we can add, we won’t reply in any firmware related discussions, other than to quote or link to this information.


We’re happy for you to discuss any firmware related queries, so we’ll always leave one main thread open for each phone. We’ll then direct any new queries about the same phone, to the original thread.


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