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Please help with internet and mms setting on nokia 630

Ive done the online chat..take out battery for 20 mins and text the number for receiving the settings through text but no settings ever arrive. I get the text telling me I will be receiving settings but nothing. Ive manually changed settings to the v...

Lumia 925 Vod DE, can I use it on Vod UK

I purchased a second hand phone from Gum tree and found out later it was a previous Vodaphone Germany phone. Buyer no longer exists so cant go back to them to ask for transfer etc.Imei checks out ok and it works fine on any network on 2G. As I want 3...

Resolved! Lumia 625 MMS not working

Hi, One of the phones on my account we have recently changed. We bought a Nokia Lumia 625 (PAYG) from the Vodafone store, delivered to the local Vodafone shop. They transfered my wifes existing pay monthly number to the new micro sim card and set the...

sparky17 by 5: Helper
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ebook reader for Windows 8.1

Hi everyone,I'm hoping that someone has a suggestion for a good quality free ebook reader that I can use on a Nokia Lumia 930.I have a collection of epub and pdf books but I can convert to most formats if needed?What do you use regularly?Are there an...

Resolved! 930

When will the 930 be available? I see vodaphone shop has this in already... 

Lynseycs by 2: Seeker
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Error 005

I have a Nokia 201, PAYGUnused for about one yearTrying to use it today for internetPurchased 250 MB through my online account todayI did a full factory reset as couldn't connect (was getting error 006)Now I get Error 005, error establishing secure c...

Resolved! Nokia Lumina 520

Hi,The email icon on the main screen of my Lumina 520 has disappeared.  There is now a black square where it once was.  Any ideas on how to get it back?

P-h-i-l by 3: Seeker
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Nokia Lumia 1520. - Availability in Red or Yellow

Does anyone know when the Nokia Lumia 1520 will become available on Vodafone in Red or Yellow ?I know it's already available in black, but I want something more colourful than that !Thanks

Mark R by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Nokia 1320

Hi Guys, Can you tell me when 8.1 will be available for the Nokia Lumia 1320? Many thanks

Resolved! How to take a SIM out of a Nokia 113

Can someone please tell me how to take a SIM out of a Nokia 113? I am feeling a bit foolish. I have the Instructions Guide but I just cannot do it. Thanks pinkcloud