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Resolved! Nokia 2630 SIM not working in Nokia 113

I have a Nokia 2630 with Vodafone Pay as You Go. I purchased a new Nokia 113 and the store put the SIM in it from my Nokia 2630 and said it would work.  It doesn’t. The new Nokia 113 shows everything as being empty.  The Nokia 2630 shows the messages...

pinkcloud by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! nokia lumia. 520

DOes the lumia  520 have the option of different tones for different ....eg  email,  sms, phone etc?  Does it download emails automatically?  I'm asking because I have found that the Galaxy Ace does not do this and they seem to be at the same end of ...

Irenaekl by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! Windows Phone 8.1 for 820

Hi  I was just looking on the Windows Phone website and noticed that there was an update to 8.1 and wondering why i did not have it on my phone yet. After some more investigation i found this pageAvailability in Europe Basically the 820 on Vodafone i...

Resolved! Never been able to use the net away from router

Hi thereYou have to forgive my lack of knowledge on this issue please.I have had this Lumia 820 going up towards 6 months and when I try to use it for any internet outside it just doesn't work. A customer service man ages ago told me what to put in a...