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eMail via iCloud reporting a problem that requires Provider [Vodafone] attention

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Using iCloud eMail on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, iPad Pro 13.5 and iPhone XS 13.5

Apple Mail via iCloud on Mac, System Reported Connection Problems with Mac and Devices

This has appeared since the latest iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 Updates.
Although the Warning Message shows, as in the ScreenShot below, incoming Mail seems to display as expected without any problems. However I would like to be sure that Mail is secure and be rid of the Warning Icon.


See ScreenShot 2020-05-29 @ 22.48


Clicking on the ? Icon in the above reveals:

Use SSL to connect to the outgoing mail server

If the provider of your email account supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, a security technology) for the outgoing (SMTP) mail server, you can ask your provider to supply the information you need to connect to the outgoing mail server using SSL.


  1. Choose Mail > Preferences, click Accounts, then select an account.

  2. Click Server Settings, then click Manage Outgoing Servers.

  3. Click a server in the list, click Advanced, then select Use SSL.

    The port number is automatically changed; edit the number, if necessary, to match

    the information supplied by your provider.

  4. Click Save, close Mail preferences, then click Save in the message that appears.

If you receive an “Unable to connect” error message after making the change, deselect Use SSL and contact your email account provider.


User Action:

 Opening Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Server Settings > Advanced reveals:


See ScreenShot 2020-05-29 @ 22.58



TLS Certificate only displays None as as an option.


Please can Vodafone/Forum Members provide the required security aspect(s) to resolve this issue, or otherwise explain what is happening?

Does Vodafone support SSL?

Alternatively can anyone supply a direct link to Vodafone Technical Assistance or any other form of help?

Thanks in anticipation G.


Hi @Gelphyn with you saying this has started happening after a recent update, have you not reached out to Apple tech support directly? 

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2: Seeker

Hi Adam

Thank you for your response, it is much appreciated.

The information available, within Apple Mail messages, directed the User to contact the respective Provider.

I called Vodafone Technical Assistance and learn they cannot help.

Contacting Apple was next on my list but I will not hold my breath while doing so.

Feels like getting off of one roundabout to get on another.

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2: Seeker


Hi again Adam

I learn that there are problems with Apple Devices and Mail.

It seems likely that there will be a further set of Updates very soon, with probable continued activity in this area.


I have also found that earlier versions of iOS, although having System Setting similar to that currently running, do not display a Warning Triangle wot Exclamation Mark.


All further action on hold for the time being.

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