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ebook reader for Windows 8.1

17: Community Champion
Hi everyone,

I'm hoping that someone has a suggestion for a good quality free ebook reader that I can use on a Nokia Lumia 930.

I have a collection of epub and pdf books but I can convert to most formats if needed?

What do you use regularly?
Are there any I should avoid and why?

Thanks in anticipation :-)
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17: Community Champion

My 625 has a pdf reader built in.  I'm not into ebooks, but is the Kindle app available for Windows?  Come to that, is the Kindle app any good?

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17: Community Champion

I used a Kindle App some time ago on a Android device, it didn't allow me to add my own books without jumping through several hoops.

I'll see what it's like on this platform?

Thanks for the suggestion... :smileywink:

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17: Community Champion

As I said, I've never used it and I'd be very susprised if it wasn't Amazon-centric!

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Community Champion (Retired)

Can't see any obvious options to add non kindle books to the kindle app 

however there appear to be several free epub reader apps, so best bet is to try a few until you find one you like 


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


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