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hello, when is the Windows 8.1 update being sent out to Vodafone Nokia Lumia 520 phones?

1: Seeker
Hello, I have a corporate provided Vodafone Nokia Lumia 520 and am wondering when Vodafone will be sending out the Windows 8.1 update to the phone.
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16: Advanced member

Hi there


The roll out of firmware upgrades is done by the manufacturer and not the network provider.  Vodafone won't comment on when a firmware upgrade will be available. For more information, please see the Firmware FAQs here.


If you take a look at the Nokia website here it lists the update as sitll being under testing.


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1: Seeker



we were told by our Vodafone Account Manager that Vodafone are testing the software update and will release it ove rthe air to their users when they ar eready - I was also told that that would be the start of this week, its obviously slipped or not passed testing by Vodafone. 




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17: Community Champion

As drey_p has said, vodafone never give dates for new firmware release, if problems occur and that date slips then they are slated for not releasing when they said they would, when its released they will then tell customers.

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