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lumia 800 meets windows live id

2: Seeker
Hi all. My phone has been working great, but since my windows/ hotmail account got hacked I've had trouble. No apps will update, Facebook keeps switching itself off and I can't change anything.
Msn have blocked my original hotmail account and told me to set up a new one.
How do I get my phone to recognise the new live id??!
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Hi luminot


I'd recommend a full factory reset on the phone and then you can set it up from new .


Steps on how to do this can be found here.





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2: Seeker
With the correct date (as well automatically set by the phone as manually set at exactly the same time my computer shows), while trying to log in, I get the fault message that the phones' time and date are wrong. This made me experiment a bit with time and date settings (one day earlier/later, a month, a year...). With the date set back exactly a year.
the fault message changed from the time and date one to "the service is currently unavailable, try again in a moment). Discord Adobe Reader iTunes
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