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why are there no Vodafone apps for the Windows phone?

2: Seeker

While I agree that it may not be a financially sensible decision to provide apps to an OS with a small market share, I feel the issue comes from the fact that despite not providing the same support offerered to other OS's, Vodafone are happy to continue selling the handsets.


In my local Vodafone shop, there is a pretty large section of the shop dedicated to Microsoft handsets, and these are sold in good faith that they will be supported by Vodafone. To then find that the phone they have purchased does not support their own account app, nor does the website function with the browser (I feel this is an issue on Vodafone's end; setting the browser to imitate Android, iOS or desktop all work fine, so it seems that the 'Unsupported Browser' page is due to the vodafone site defaulting to this when it encounters IE or Edge regardless of whether the browser could physically support it, which it almost certainly could), is surely a dishonest sale.


I'm not gonna be one of those people who demands that every app I want to use should support my phone - this is up to the developers of those apps, if they don't feel it's worth their while, fair enough. But I do believe that companies should not sell handsets if they are not willing to put the effort in to support them.


If Vodafone don't wish to provide Windows phones the same services they provide to Android or iOS, then they should only sell Android or iOS. Doing otherwise only goes to show that they are more than happy to take (a goo deal of) money off of those who want a Windows Phone, but have no intention of providing them with a decent service.


If you buy a handset sim-free from an online shop, then you buy it in the knowledge that the network you decide to use might not support your handset. If you buy a handset direct from a network, that publically advertises and promotes the handset, then it is not unreasonable to expect a comparable service.

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Moderator (Retired)



At the moment we don't have Vodafone apps for Microsoft Windows. It could be something we do in the future, I'll pass on your feedback for this.


In the meantime, you can log on to My Vodafone using your mobile, a PC or tablet.



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AJL 2: Seeker
2: Seeker

" In the meantime, you can log on to My Vodafone using your mobile, a PC or tablet."


But that's the really, really annoying thing - if you'd checked this out, you would find that you can't - what you get if you try to do so is shown on the attached screenshot (taken from my Lumia 950XL).


Here are Vodafone (a company based around mobile devices) saying that you have to use a device other than a mobile one!!


If you cant be bothered to build an app, at the very least you could resolve this.






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17: Community Champion
Hi AJL, this appears if you try and view in mobile mode, if you switch to desktop mode you should be able to then access the site.

It's not ideal and only a work around.

I also agree that there should be an app for windows phone users too.
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2: Seeker

This does indeed work, which suggests the the supported phone message is due to the Vodafone website having been set up to detect certain browsers and display the error message (As desktop mode report to the site it's loading that it is a PC, not a mobile).


Adding support for the Edge mobile browser should be just a case of allowing its browser type to show the site, it's pretty weird that this hasn't been done already.


Its also notable that it's always the users of the phones that have to suggest the workarounds - tech staff just say 'use the mobile browser' and ignore the fact that it won't work. Not every pone is a mobile expert and many people would be left in the dark on this issue, unable to access the site.

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4: Newbie

Vodafone Apps.JPG

 Yes I'm dragging this gripe back up to the top again.


All of the above excellent Vodafone apps, described here , are not available to Windows Phone users (except for NetPerform, not yet released on any platform and Start).

Yes, My Vodafone can be accessed via the browser (provided you know your secure password and are prepared for the pass number sent via text by Vodafone to doubly ensure secure access) but Windows 8.1 and especially Windows 10 is all about apps isn't it?!

Now, as all of us Windows Phone users know there are tons of apps that are not available to us stupidly loyal, wishful thinking, life-long defiers of the Dark Side & automatons, BUT I would expect the providers of our mobile contracts, who sell us the handset and tie us in for 24 months, to nurture and respect our custom by letting us join the Vodafone apps elite. Give us what we pay for, like everone else, or add to every Windows phone description in the store: "Vodafone does not support Vodafone Apps on this handset" or is that too discriminatory...?  :smileyfrustrated:


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AJL 2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Perhaps they should add "we suggest you transfer your account to O2 who have made the effort to support Windows 10"



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2: Seeker

Yes this is a ludicrious situation I have been asked for error snapshots which I have supplied to Vodafone tech team uk and still no resolution.

I cannot understand why I can download the MyVodafone app for other countries but not for the UK.

This has been I going for a number of months both microsoft and Vodafone seem I'm concerned.

I tried to see if Microsoft windows mobile can be bought on Vodafone couldn't find one! 

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