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wifi connectivity issues on lumia 1020

2: Seeker

Have had my lumia 1020 for a week and it has been working brilliantly until I turned off.  Since turning it on again, it is having issues remaining connected to the wifi (it will connect by turning the wifi on and off again).  I have read countless posts on the subject (many of which are too technical for me to truly understand) which indicates that this is a common  problem with the phone.   Some people have had success with being issued a new handset.   As my phone is only a week old, am I better seeking a replacement handset rather than reinstalling software etc?   It is essential that I can connect to wifi as I live and work in an area without 3G or 4G connection. 

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi CatherineLane,

Is this is with all Wi-Fi connections you try? If it's just the one connection at home, deleting the option and re-adding it can help. The same can be said for a backup and factory reset of the phone.


I'm not aware of any general faults, but if you think your handset is the issue then we can swap it for you in the first 14 days without doing a repair. The fastest way to do this is by calling 191, option 3.

Cheers, Ben

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17: Community Champion

Wifi connections sometimes take a moment or to two re-establish themselves, so it might just be a matter of waiting.  Also, is the signal strong - that might have an effect - can you try moving nearer the router?  Turning wifi on forces the device to start searching for a signal immediately and tends to over-ride other things thay may be happeing as it starts up or wakes from sleep.  My elderly tablet can be a bit slow and sometimes fails, but toggling the connection always sparks it into life.

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