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Other broadband queries

3rd Party Router Gigafast

3: Seeker

Due to have Gigafast installed next week have only ordered the 100mb speed for now but may increase that in the future.


Looking for info on the best budget 3rd party router, pref with AC WiFi for device to device streaming.


Have had a look on websites but vlan I'd/tag support didn't seem something worth advertising, a little unsure.


Looking for cheap as possible but nothing so cheap that it doesn't offer any improvement on the supplied router.


Any suggestions? Many thanks

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2: Seeker

If you're going on the 100 Mbps package then buying a different router would be pointless as their router is AC and more than capable than transferring way beyond 100 Mbps over 2.4GHz alone and that's even before the 5GHz is used.


Unless your going in excess of 300mbits and beyond, you would be throwing money down the drain. But if you insist you need a router capable of PPPoE through the WAN port. Reputable brands include ASUS, D-Link, Netgear, Linksys Cisco, TP-Link etc.


You should also be aware if got the package with a telephone included then using your own router would not be possible without losing the ability to make calls. This is because the router includes a telephone socket and uses VoIP, and Vodafone will not give the login details which differs from the PPPoE login, to be able to use a VoIP phone. So a workaround is to bridge two routers if you want the phone, or drop the phone completely.



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