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Other broadband queries

6 Months and still no free gift

2: Seeker

When I looked at changing providers last summer there were a few at a similar price, but as vodafone offered a free gift I thought I would give them a try. I am now beginning to wish I hadn't.


I signed up on August and after jumping through the various hoops as required within the time limits specified I was told in early November that I would receive a go pro hero within 14 days. After several calls to the handling company, each time being told it would be shipped shortly, once even assuring me it would arrive my Christmas I have still, now, nearly in February, not received anything.


Is this how vodafone do business? The fact that the gift claim process does not start until after the cooling off period on the broadband is bad enough but to get people to sign up for a deal on the basis of a free gift and then not be able to give an estimate several months later is morally reprehensible......and yes I know it is handled by another company but they are acting as an agent on behalf of vodafone as far as the public are concerned. 


I would like to know what my options are for resolving this and, if this is not possible quickly, for breaking the contract as vodafone are at least morally in breach.







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17: Community Champion

I haven't seen that offer.   Was it direct from Vodafone, or was it via a 3rd party?   If it was with Vodafone, the forum team will be able to investigate for you - it'll be helpful if you have any correspondence involved.

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2: Seeker



I just realised, I didn't specify that it was the broadband offer :

Thanks for the reply



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Moderator (Retired) Joe
Moderator (Retired)

@CMcVf We'd be more than happy to help, I've sent you a private message on how to contact us. One of the team will get back to you as soon as they can. Joe 

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2: Seeker

So much for 'We'd be happy to help'


I get a mail saying .....

We're sorry to hear you've not heard anything back regarding the delivery of the Free Gift as yet, as the delivery of this is handled by our partners at TLC we have no way of accessing the information regarding this.

Please contact them directly on 03301243558 as they won't discuss any order details with us due to security.


This is exactly what I have been doing since November and is the reason I posted on here. If I can't receive the promised gift what are my options for cancelling my contract with Vodafone or are TLC simply a front for Vodafone to promise gifts they have no intention to deliver?


I finally understand why people write to Watchdog.

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2: Seeker

A week later and I have had several emails from vodafone about this all saying:
1. provide identifying information 
2. It is TLC's problem so we may not be able to do anything.

Some even asking for details of my bank account details which isn't mentioned in the user documentation as an option for identifying.


None of these have actually helped resolve the issue or accept any responsibility for the inconvenience that the vodafone promotion has caused me.....I have been waiting for a resolution since November.


'Coincidentally' TLC have been in touch to say they are shipping the gift (immediately after I started asking about compensation for the inconvenience), but that is little comfort after several months of my life chasing and responding to pointless and unhelpful emails. If I was to add up the time I spent on sorting this out then I am sure that I have spent more than £199 of my own time getting this £199 gift.


This confirms that these promotions are really not worth it and that vodafone should be avoided at all costs.


I will be g;ad to get out of this contract


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Moderator (Retired)

I'm sorry your experience hasn't been great @CMcVf,

it's certainly something that we take on board, and will feed back to the relevant teams within our company. 


It's good to hear that TLC are finally sending out your Free Tech Gift though. 



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