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Ac88u packet loss on wired network

2: Seeker

Hi all,


Have managed to use the above router on my gigafast connection 500mb.

However on wired connection I am seeing packet loss during gameplay on the xbox series x.

Anyone have any hints or tips of how I can sort this , or have I used a setting incorrect somewhere.


Ppoe login details inputted and also on 'VLAN 911'


Many thanks 

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16: Advanced member

The problem with gaming, in general, is that because the packets need to be "just in time" we use the UDP protocol.  So if you get a packet that is delayed, there is no point in it being resent.  So the easiest way to reduce the number of lost packets with anything that streams is to connect to the most local server possible.


*When streaming (UDP) because of the lack of handshaking it's hard to figure out where during the route from server to your PC that the loss takes place.


**Even though you've plenty of bandwidth, it may be worthwhile using the QOS settings in the router - yes this hits your maximum though put, but it can make gaming smoother.

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