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Other broadband queries

Advice needed

2: Seeker

In October I complained to Vodafone about slow download speeds. I had upgraded from SF1 to SF2 in September and initially things were fine. Gradually however, my broadband speed became slower and slower. I say that because I began to have increasing problems streaming films etc. 

After I filed the complaint, eventually I was asked to provide speedtest results. So using I conducted tests at various times of the day. I had widely varying results. Connected to the Vodafone London server my speeds were consistently low. (never more than 25mbps and often below 10) However when connected to other servers (eg The All England Tennis club), my speeds were very high (about 70mbps).

My case has escalated to level 2. I've been promised 3 months worth of credit. However in the last few days I've been unable to get in contact with the team I've been dealing with. The number I had been dialling where I had to input a 6 figure pin now goes straight through to Customer services presumably in India. I've been told someone from level 2 will contact me within 48 hours which ended yesterday. So far no call. I was told on Friday that I cannot call Level 2. They have to call me.


I've escalated my case against vodafone using Resolver.

I previously was with BT and my download speeds were consistently around 50mbps. Vodafone seem to be throttling their service to try and meet the demands of an oversubscribed clientel. They say the network isn't oversubscribed but I stongly suspect it is because they are no longer accepting new customers in my area. 


I wish to leave Vodafone. I'm fed up with the pathetic Customer service, lies, fobbing off and endless circular conversations with call centre staff who can't understand English.

What's the best way to terminate my contract without paying leaving fees?






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17: Community Champion

Hi @gagnoa


If a person is past the 30 day cooling off period then usually a person has to pay a. Early termination fee. 

However when the situation is poor then I've seen that Vodafone allow a person to leave without a penalty. 

There's a very recent thread I've replied to this morning concerning this. 

You would need to follow Vodafone Complaint process and pose that question. 

Look Here

Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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2: Seeker

Thank you. I'll raise (another) case and threaten to leave.

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16: Advanced member

On top of Vodafones own complaint procedure it's worth familiarizing yourself with the Ofcom advice straight from the outset too:


I guess the other single piece of advice is don't threaten to leave unless you are prepared to do so!

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