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All of my router's ports are open?

2: Seeker

Something very strange has happened in the last 4 days...


for the last 3 weeks, I have been away in another country (South America) accessing my workstation from afar. I have been using ssh and a program called 'x2go'(similar to vnc) for x forwarding.

For ssh, I have been accessing my computer using private/public authentication. I was also accessing my computer on an external/public port of 4444 rather than 22 to for security reasons. to make my ip address static, I have been using a service called 'noip', where they provide you with a domain name, and a dynamic dns service.


4 days ago my domain name stopped working. After further analysis, I discovered the ip address that the domain name was pointing to was incorrect. After fixing that, I tried to ssh from my remote computer in south america, to my workstation in australia, yet my ssh client was showing the error message 'connection timed out' 


Although from south america, I can successfully ping to the domain name without trouble

Inside the workstation (in australia) I can successfully log into the openssh-server using an ssh client within my workstation's network (same network as router), yet as stated in the other paragraph, my ssh client times out from south america (outside network)


all authentication logs (inside /var/log/auth.log) do not mention any connection attempts from my remote laptop in south america.


I noticed something especially strange. Due to the fact that I can connect through ssh locally, but not outside the network, I thought, maybe the problem is with the router rather than the ssh server.


After further analysis of my router, I have discovered that almost ALL of the ports on my router are open (this is checking from my south american laptop, outside the network, not inside). I have never ever opened these ports before. I have only opened public/external port 4444, yet nothing else. 


I am totally baffled, why are all of my ports open?


Is it possible that my router or computer has been compromised? If so, what steps should I take? How can I reinstall the router's firmware?



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Hey @tristochief117, that's certainly a bit strange. I've used a few dynamic DNS services in the past and never had any issues myself.


If most of your ports are open it might be a issue with the software that runs the firewall or the UPnP on the router. We do firmware updates now and then, so it could simply be that we've updated the firmware and a reset will sort it. 


Have you had a chance to reset the router?






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