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Other broadband queries

Another problem with porting landline number topic

2: Seeker

I moved from TalkTalk to Vodafone 2 months ago, have put in a request with customer services twice and been told my old number will be transferred twice, nothing has been done. Recently I've been told to contact my old provider TalkTalk and BT to resolve the issue, which has proved equally fruitless.


I've seen plenty of topics about this exact same issue, and I'm currently very unhappy with the lies and service I'm receiving from Vodafone so far.


Please resolve this.

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Hey @Michael_Stocker, I'm sorry you're number hasn't transferred over.

You shouldn't need to contact anyone about this. If we're your new provider, we'll contact Opennreach about this. We'll be able to help, however as this is account related, we need you to contact us by another method. 


I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.





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