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Other broadband queries

Anyone happy with Vodafone fibre broadband?

9: Established

About five weeks with vodafone now after switching from EE.  One of those weeks was spent holidaying away from home and using our host's wifi.


The week away was perfect... not a single WiFi dropout on our phones or iPads.  The four weeks at home though.  Absolute rubbish to the extent that my finger is now hovering over the change supplier button.  


Two or more hours spent with first line customer service which resulted in nothing more than separating SSIDs, changing the DNS to Google and selecting a specific channel for the 2.4GHz band.  Oh, I was told my guaranteed sync speed was being achieved.   No fix for the problem though...


Level two support then phoned me to tell me that my guaranteed sync speed was being achieved which is super but the problem is about wifi.  It has never been about sync speed.


i don't have the time, patience or inclination to give up my time to find a fix for something that should be supplied working, and based on what I read, will never be fixed... I pay for a service that should work and which I reasonably expect to work.  It was never advertised as £XX.xx per month for substandard service.


 My network is totally unchanged from when it was working perfectly hanging out of EE's Brightbox 2 router.  The FTTC and copper wires to my house are the same too so the only thing different is the name on the bill and the... Modem/router.  It doesn't really need Sherlock Holmes to work out where the problem most likely sits.  


I really dont don't see Vodaphone as my ongoing provider based on four weeks of infuriating wifi dropouts that they appear to have their collective heads in the sand over.  It's not as if this issue has never been mentioned before...  I have not read of a single instance of VF fixing the poor / defective wifi issue.  Only instances where people have bought their own router to replace the supplied item...  ah, here's my brand new car, it doesn't always start so I'll just buy a new engine.






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1: Seeker

Under no circumstance should you join this atrocious service.


This is by far the most unreliable broadband service I have had to date. The connection constantly drops out everyday, perhaps more than 10 times. 


The customer service is bad as their connectivity, an their technical support is non-existent. The connection is dreadful and the speed will fluctuate as and when it wants to.


Save yourself the aggravation and go with another provider. I've already have taken the matter to Ofcom and when I was advised to report it to the complaint department before taking it to the ombudsman, the guy in Vodafone said "Getting discounted 24 time in a day is normal!' Now I am awaiting for 28 days to take the matter to ombudsman.


In short, Vodafone broadband is an utter waste of time and money.

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4: Newbie

I've been using superfast 2 for over a month now and i'm very happy with the router too. I separated the wifi into 2.4G and 5G and keep most of my devices on the 5GHz network, with a printer and internet radio on the 2.4G. 5GHz performance is excellent and the beamforming really makes a difference. I have full signal almost throughout the flat with 433mbps wifi speed to the router. Sync speed to the vodafone network is 79.9mbps download and 20.0 upload, with real life speeds on connected devices of 75mbps at all times and positions in the flat. 


2.4GHz wifi is a lot slower, 20-30mbps. But this is normal due to wifi interference and limited bandwidth available on this band (max 72mbps link speed)

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