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Other broadband queries

Bad credit rating

2: Seeker

Im in the British Army and have serving abroad since 2004 now returning back to UK, I am being refused broadband service and two mobile phone contracts because of my credit score.  I’ll be going into quarantine with a family of four for 14 days with no internet is not going to end well.  Can someone help me out please. 
thank you in advance xox 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Pablo82 


Thank you for your service … much respect.


Unfortunately Vodafone UK are unable to provide a reason as to why a Credit Check has not been successful as their systems only show an acceptance or declined status. Although the situation you explain is most likely the reason.
They advise to contact one or more of the Credit Houses, Experian being one, in order to check that nothing wrong has been recorded there.
It doesn't always come down to a credit score problem, or a certain time at the address. As a quick example, it can be due to the amount of incoming to outgoing payments. If a customer has a mortgage and a car and something else on finance, then something else for the kids which is paid monthly, the credit check is ran to see if the customer can pay the finance (monthly cost) based on other payments per month. 
To add even a clear Credit File with good Credit Score does not guarantee acceptance. It's also good practice to let 90 days elapse before making another application in order to let the Credit Score recover.
Vodafone's help page is


Enrolling on the electoral register and applying for a Credit card  / overdraft can help as these are recorded on a person's credit file.


I wish you all the best with this. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Pablo82 


Vodafone are very sympathetic to Armed Forces personnel and offer the Advantage discount here: Vodafone Advantage discount for the Military and Ministry of Defence 


This won't be anything connected to your credit score, as a member of out Armed Forces that is probably excellent.


I am sure what has happened here is with you wanting to take out a broadband contract, plus 2 mobile contracts at the same time and will be due to the credit limit on the account as a new customer.  Before being able to add additional lines Vodafone have a 3 month clear payment ruling fore new customers after which time Vodafone would have an indication as to how you manage the account.


You can't wait 3 months for broadband, speak to the Social Team here with a link to the thread, they will help:Contact Us 


Although inconvenient, there is always PAYG for mobile.  Hopefully, fingers crossed for you, something will be done for you regarding the broadband.

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2: Seeker

Thank you for your response, I have managed to sort everything out with their customer care team which were very helpful. 

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