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Other broadband queries

Broadband Name Change

2: Seeker



I changed my broadband router name because it seems everyone around me also has Vodafone connect with a string of numbers.


Now, the old name still shows when I check on my phone or PC. I did the forget network bit on both but if I rescan, it still shows up. 


Is there a way to find it going through the router IP? I had a look but I'm not overly tech savvy and I was afraid of pressing something I shouldn't! Thanks very much 

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2: Seeker

Additional note:


I had previously seperate 2.5 and 5 instead of dual. I've switched it back and I'm wondering if maybe I created another SSID? I can connect to the old name but it says no Internet. 

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Hi @tromlui, It sounds like this maybe the case. To avoid any further issues with this, it might be worth performing a factory reset on the router. This will reset all connections and return the router back to it's original name. If you need any help performing this,check out our online guide. Once you've completed this, check out our support page on changing your router name and password. If you're still struggling after doing this, you know where we are.

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