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Broadband New Customer Enquiry

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi There

Im looking at moving to Vodafone as my new supplier but have a few questions.

1) I dont have a land line coming to mu home as im a virgin customer. Are there additional costs to have the land line installed and is all of this handeled by Vodafone?

2) Can i transfer my current number?

3) Does Vodafone come in to the home via the phone line or does it come in on high speed fibre?

4) Can i use my current Router. Its not got ADSL properties but is more configurable that the VM one i have at the moment. 

5) if the answer to the above is no, can the vodafone router be configured for Modem Mode only. I dont want to lose any of my current settings as i stream to my phone etc from my media box.

6) Is Vodafone truly unlimited or do you impose restrictions if too much is downloaded / uploaded?

7) What model Router does Vodafone use?


Sorry for the questions but moving to a new supplier is a big thing for me as i have been with VM for so long but they crapped from a great height and now im moving suppliers.

Thanks in advance.


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @CW19, thanks for getting in touch! We'd love to have you on board 😊

1) First, we’ll send your Vodafone Broadband router to your home, and confirm the date your service will be activated. If you need a new phone line installed:

  • The engineer will discuss your options with you, find the best place to fit it and install the new phone socket in your home.
  • The installation may take several hours. Once completed, just plug in your phone and router, and follow the instructions in the setup guide that came with your router. Anyone who needs a new BT Openreach line will need to pay £60 setup costs.

2) That depends on which broadband package you're looking at taking out. With Gigafast yes, with Superfast we can't guarantee we'll be able to port a Virgin number over.

3) Once again, this will depend on the package. Give our Broadband team a call and they'll be happy to discuss your options: 03333 040 191 You can also find lots of useful information here

4) We accept most third party routers.

6) It's unlimited.

7) You'll be provided with our Vox 2.5 and Vox 3.0 THG3000G