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Broadband Order cancelled without notice.

2: Seeker

Hi All, 


We've recently had the FTTP installed in out area that I have been eagerly awaiting but with the service I've received so far I've been completely put off.


To summarise;

  • I ordered the non Apple tv 900 package before the Black Friday deals came about. 
  • Saw the new deals were significantly cheaper and wanted to switch, told there was no ability to switch, just cancel and reorder which I did 19/11/2021 and seemingly went fine.
  • Took the Apple TV 900 one seeing how cheap the deals were, supposedly turning up on the 26/11/2021 with the router and whatnot on the install date 02/12/2021.
  • Apple TV hadn't turned up and I just put it down to the usual courier backlog but thought I would check the tracking anyway only to find the whole order had been cancelled with no notification, no phone call/text/email, absolutely nothing.
  • Straight on to complaints who said it had been rejected due to being ordered before the previous order has been cancelled, I have proof this is not the case as I had confirmation of cancellation before taking out the new order. Same person said they can reinstate the order but sales department would deal with it and explain further. 
  • Transferred to sales who seemed fresh into the conversation and didn't have a clue, explained the situation and after about 5 minutes the sales agent then said that the order had been cancelled on the 20/11/2021 by apparently Cityfibre. I also find this a bit unlikely as they had turned up the following week of that order (Kelly) to run the purple fibre from the pavement cover to my property. I had also spoke to a live chat agent on the 22/11/2021 to confirm my price as I couldn't see the offer details on my email to which they found/confirmed and even gave me a reference ID.
  • The sales agent then went on to tell me that I now couldn't have the same package as the Apple TV was now out of stock, and my installation date has also been lost but would only be 6 days later to 08/12/2021. Reluctantly I accepted to opt for the non Apple TV package at this point and went through the motions over the phone for the £30pm black friday package just to have something seeing as I have been waiting for it. 
  • Assumed that was the end of it, loaded a complaint and then noticed I had no confirmation in my emails for the new order, unlike the previous two which was pretty much instant. So contacted support again to be told it was pending and asking if it was okay for them to submit it. I asked when the install date was and this was now 22/12/2021 at the earliest, my annoyance has passed the level of wanting by this point so I just told them to cancel it all and I'll wait for how my complaint is dealt with. 

So here I am now completely soured from the experience for something I was so eagerly awaiting thinking 'this isn't acceptable right?' 


I can't fault most of the conversations I've had over the phone and with the live chat agents, they have been top notch but the overall experience is ridiculous, feel like I have been penalised for a failure on Vodafone part. 

I probably wouldn't have minded as much if they gave me a reason that added up but neither of them currently do.


I'm hoping this isn't 'business as usual' for Vodafone?


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Hi @dale0592, thanks for your detailed post. Reading the post we're sorry to hear about your experience from trying to raise the FTTP order to the information that you have or in this case haven't received. If you've logged a complaint with the complaints team, they'll be able to investigate from start to finish and hopefully give you the answers that you need and a way to move forward if you did decide to go ahead with the service. 

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2: Seeker

Hi Mark, 


Whilst I appreciate the response, the canned content template that you all use over the forum really doesn't add much value sadly.


Also, just to clarify, it wasn't an issue with me trying to raise the FTTP order. It was me trying to rectify Vodafone's error of cancelling the order I had without notifying me.


I also have something else that you might be able to shed some light on, why do the live chat transcripts not get sent when they are specifically requested from the live chat screen... and before you say, yes this was using the little button within the live chat window. I've since spoken to live chat again and found out that I now have to make a formal request for these to be sent to me.

So as it currently stands it seems like the system is set up to make it as inconvenient as possible to get chat logs for evidence and it doesn't look like its a new issue either from older forum posts. Why is the option still there, simply to lull people into thinking they don't need to save the conversation themselves only to find out they won't get it anyway?


The sooner the exclusivity agreement you have with City-fibre ends the better to be completely honest.

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Thanks for raising this @dale0592 and apologies for any inconvenience that's been caused. The chat transcript should be sent to you if you enter your email at the time of the conversation, if you click at the end of the chat. You can also request the chat logs here if that hasn't worked for some reason. 

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