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Other broadband queries

Broadband UHD streaming

2: Seeker

Anyone know why the ofcom speed checker results should report my Wi-Fi is not streaming video in UHD?

Also anyone else had their router swapped and got slower download speeds?

Also anyone explain why got app sync speeds of 32mbs but only 6mbs download but faster uploads of 10mbs?

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4: Newbie

You'll find very similar experiences on here, including my own. 

It appears there is significant congestion within the network and this is having a sizeable impact on the single thread downloads/video streaming. 

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2: Seeker

Didn't have this issue before. 

Think either vodafone of openreach providing bad service

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3: Seeker

Try a free VPN.  It'llwork. Then you'll report it to Vodafone and they'll pretendthey've never had anyone report a problem and waste your time with speedtests.  They'll mention that it needs to be raised with 1st, 2nd and 3rd line engineers none of who seem to understand how their traffic is managed and routed and you'll try every method of contact and noone can tell you what the case number is for the overall issue, because they pretend that the issue needs investigating on an individual basis (because they can't afford to publucly admit that there is an issue that they are unable/unwilling to look in to/address.  

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9: Established

We are all in this boat - I was told from the techical support they can't fix it so they reduced my montly bill.


I then contacted BT and purchsed a new phoneline and went back to btinternet and guess what everything is working again, I'll cancel the vodafone account after 18months.


But don't waste your time with the techical support,  all they do is speed tests and nothing else.

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