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Other broadband queries

Broadband app issue or not.

2: Seeker

I have been with Vodafone for my broadband for over 3 years and only downloaded the app at the beginning of the year.  The app generally works fine except the Sync Speed function.  The tab shows me my speed but when I press the tab/button I get an error “Sorry we’re working on issue” etc please try later.

When I have spoken to the customer services team, I am advised that there is an issue with the app which will be fixed in a few days and I should try again.  Still no success after 6 weeks.

I have now done my own diagnostic: -

  • Reset the router back to factory settings – problem still there
  • Re installed the app on my phone and also a tablet – problem still there
  • My neighbour has just move to Vodafone Broadband and I have used the app on my phone on his broadband service and all works fine
  • I have since spoken to the customer services team and they have told me that have my original router (which was returned in Dec 2018) is still shown as being allocated to my broadband line.  This appears to be the problem with the app not working correctly

How can I get the correct router allocated to my account so that the app can work?

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Hey @Pentlandeh, you will need to drop our Social Media team a message, so they can look into this with you. You can message them here.

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2: Seeker

Hi DaneB

Thanks for your reply.

I contacted the Broadband tech team who have reassigned the correct router to my account and all works fine

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