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Broadband cutting out when playing online games on Playstation 4

2: Seeker
The internet cuts out when playing online games on my PS4 . Otherwise its a stable connection. Specifiaclly Grand theft auto five. (GTA online).
I never had this problem before with previous ISP Plusnet or Virgin. Its certainly a Vodafone caused problem.
The problem is unacceptable to me as I'm paying for internet and I expect the worlds 3rd best selling game on this popular console to work. I dont mind tweaking the settings a bit but this is rediculus.
  • I started to trouble shoot first by buying a Cat6a Lan cable. So this is not a Wifi issue.
  • I have contacted vodafone before but he just said tick the "split SSID"!  Which didn't help. The PS4 is on LAN via cable. I tried with wifi just to make sure and it didn't work.
  • Its almost certainly to do with ports being blocked.  I guess the Upnp is not working properly.
  • Tried opening all the ports recommended in (plus some more for good measure)
  • THE NAT type is recognised as NAT 2 (moderate) by the ps4. which is correct. 
  • I also tried the DMZ. For the ps4 specifially. the NAT type should have changed to NAT1 (open) but it didnt. This is not recomended anyway.
  • I set up a static ip for my playstation 4.  
  • Also i put in the Primary and secondry DNS into the PS4
The router recognizes it as and names it a ps3-2  Not PS3 which is the wifi one. 
Tried Upnp off once. didnt make difference. THe UPnP is supposed to automatically open ports for these things. Is there a weakness with Vodafones Upnp?
Example of the failure is in the following event log:
29.04.201802:20:31User sucessfully logged in to UI from LANSystem
29.04.201802:18:50WAN connected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, IP:, device: ppp2WAN
29.04.201802:18:47PPP authentication successfulSystem
29.04.201802:18:46PPP CHAP authentication startedSystem
29.04.201802:18:44PPPoE PADS receivedSystem
29.04.201802:18:44PPPoE PADR sentSystem
29.04.201802:18:44PPPoE PADO receivedSystem
29.04.201802:18:44PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201802:18:12PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201802:17:56PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201802:17:48PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201802:17:44PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201802:17:42PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201802:17:16WAN disconnected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, device: ppp2WAN
29.04.201801:54:45LAN client ps3-2 (x) connected with IP address
29.04.201801:54:25LAN client ps3-2 (x) disconnected with IP address
29.04.201800:42:06WAN connected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, IP:, device: ppp2WAN
29.04.201800:42:03PPP authentication successfulSystem
29.04.201800:42:02PPP CHAP authentication startedSystem
29.04.201800:42:00PPPoE PADS receivedSystem
29.04.201800:42:00PPPoE PADR sentSystem
29.04.201800:42:00PPPoE PADO receivedSystem
29.04.201800:42:00PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:41:28PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:41:12PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:41:04PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:41:00PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:40:58PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:40:32WAN disconnected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, device: ppp2WAN
29.04.201800:27:53WAN connected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, IP:, device: ppp2WAN
29.04.201800:27:49PPP authentication successfulSystem
29.04.201800:27:49PPP CHAP authentication startedSystem
29.04.201800:27:47PPPoE PADS receivedSystem
29.04.201800:27:47PPPoE PADR sentSystem
29.04.201800:27:47PPPoE PADO receivedSystem
29.04.201800:27:47PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:27:15PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:26:59PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:26:51PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:26:47PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:26:45PPPoE PADI sentSystem
29.04.201800:26:45Wi-Fi client new-host-2 (x) disconnected with IP address
29.04.201800:26:34User sucessfully logged in to UI from LANSystem
29.04.201800:26:14WAN disconnected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, device: ppp2WAN
29.04.201800:15:47User sucessfully logged in to UI from LANSystem
28.04.201823:24:36WAN connected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, IP:, device: ppp2WAN
28.04.201823:24:33PPP authentication successfulSystem
28.04.201823:24:32PPP CHAP authentication startedSystem
28.04.201823:24:30PPPoE PADS receivedSystem
28.04.201823:24:30PPPoE PADR sentSystem
28.04.201823:24:30PPPoE PADO receivedSystem
28.04.201823:24:30PPPoE PADI sentSystem
28.04.201823:23:58PPPoE PADI sentSystem
28.04.201823:23:42PPPoE PADI sentSystem
28.04.201823:23:34PPPoE PADI sentSystem
28.04.201823:23:30PPPoE PADI sentSystem
28.04.201823:23:28PPPoE PADI sentSystem
28.04.201823:22:52WAN disconnected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, device: ppp2WAN
28.04.201823:17:53User sucessfully logged in to UI from LANSystem
28.04.201823:16:59Wi-Fi client DESKTOP-ENHS8QF (x) disconnected with IP address
14.12.201700:00:53WAN connected, WAN type: WAN PTM over DSL, service type: data, IP:, device: ppp2WAN
14.12.201700:00:49PPP authentication successfulSystem
14.12.201700:00:48PPP CHAP authentication startedSystem
14.12.201700:00:46PPPoE PADS receivedSystem
14.12.201700:00:46PPPoE PADR sentSystem
14.12.201700:00:46PPPoE PADO receivedSystem
14.12.201700:00:46PPPoE PADI sentSystem
14.12.201700:00:14PPPoE PADI sentSystem
  I replaced the MAC with x
 Its a pretty exhausting problem It has soaked up hours and hours of my time.  I'm furious I didn't cancel within the 30 day period. now i'm left with something that probably wont ever be resolved for another 16months or so! 
The router doesnt seem overloaded in terms of CPU and Memory.
Anybody got any ideas?!  I would really appreciate any imput. Surely I can't be the only one with Vodafone broadband, a PS4 and GTA V!
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That's very strange @JonathanMB 🤔 I'm really sorry to hear you're having problems playing GTA online and completely understand your frustration.

Thanks for being so thorough and letting us know all the troubleshooting steps you've already tried. We'll be happy to escalate this to our Broadband team for further investigation, so we can do this I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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2: Seeker

I am having exactly the same problems. I play ps4 and everytime the internet drops out for everyone and comes back 2 minutes later, however it happens a few times a day but mostly whenever I play ps4, and I've done all the troubleshooting suggestions vodafone has asked me to do so. It's as if the internet you provide cant handle the usage of my household.

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems when using our internet service for gaming @Sayed58. So we can look into this for you, please get in touch by following the instructions in this private message.

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1: Seeker

I am having very similar issue but while playing Fortnite, all other games seem finw but i get a terrible connection playing this game. I cant do anything in the game as its lagging so bad. Does anyone have any ideas?

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2: Seeker

I'm having the same issue with the connection cutting, sometimes evry couple of hours. Is there anything that can be done about it?



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2: Seeker

Nothing can be done. If you're within your "cooling off period" (I think its with 14 or 30days) I suggest you cancel imediately.  

I have had the problem since March this year and I contacted them several times and they just suggested fixes (stock generic fixes) related to wifi despite me telling them that I had specifically gone out and bought a LAN cable...  


I'm pretty good with computers, internet etc I am quite comfortable going through every single networking option and learning what it does and have spent many hours trying different settings, loading GTA onlne up, seeing how long it lasts. But I can honestly say that I have tried everything and it never gets better.


It's the same whilst playing the PS4 net also drops out with other games, project cars2, Red dead 2 etc..  However it doesn't cut out with my laptop. I even bought GTA5 to play on my laptop to test the net conection and compare to the Ps4.


FYI I live in London (Lewisham). Maybe it only happens in busy areas.  I'm using a PS4 and am considering getting a PS4 Pro (£350) as it may help the net dropping out. I'm not sure. I suspect it is the same.


My Plusnet never dropped out over two years! I have to wiat until Sept 2019 before the Vodafone contract ends but I will probably just eat the cost (£24pcm x 9) and switch to another provider at the begining of next year. I don't want to put up with this for another 10- 11 months for the sake of a couple of hundered pound.


I'm not even angry as i know that there is no point. They are just not set up to solve these kinds of problems.  I have wasted too many hours trying to solve it my self. Time I could have spent working and just eating the cost and switching to another provider soon rather than later.






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@Dragey1985 @percygr Hi there, the fact that other games aren't affected by this and only Fortnite is affected you may need to portforward your console on the router. If you search online you should be able to find information on how to set this up and what ports you need to open for Fortnite alone.


Hope this helps.



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3: Seeker

Same problem for months.    Same as you, on multiple games and all the time when everything else on the network working fine.  Ridiculous.  Wish I had cancelled in the 30 days too.

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14: Advanced member

I have no solution, just an observation from the post here and similar elsewhere on these boards.


Where we see this happening, we are almost always seeing failed multiple PPPoE Initiations (PADI) with intervals of seconds before finally seeing a returning PPPoE Offer (PADO).  Inside a game that's going to represent the conection to the game server appearing to stall.  There is NOT ONE setting in the modem/router WEB UI that is able to (Or even should be able to) influence this.


Personally this looks like a hardware issue with the modem/router, and nothing to do with needing to open ports or any capping on route by VFs servers.


I'm seriously thinking that VF ought to be making moves to provide users with this issue with hardware such as the Netgear D7000.  If that were to prove that it's the pathetic POS HHG2500, then they really need to be thinking about replacing all HHG2500 because they obviously can't fix it!

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@schmoo007 Hi there, the fact the line is dropping on multiple games. We'd line to look in to this for you, we've sent you a private message with details on how to contact us. Joe

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3: Seeker

Thanks Joe, using both Chrome and Safari the link in the private message doesn't work.

Our broadband is being monitored at the moment by 2nd line due to it being a guaranteed 55mb, and has only been reaching 33 since installed... a year ago.  Amazingly it's now showing at 54/56mbps, although actually the internet still drops out on wifi, so not sure why the wifi is so unreliable in not it's speed, but it's connectivity.

Anyway - we are on test, and I'm waiting to hear from them and will raise this specific PS4 issue with them.


I would like to know if it is possible to replace the vodafone router like you can with other ISPs to enable deeper and better configurations to help resolve issues like this?



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@schmoo007 Thanks for getting back to us. We'll be happy to take a closer look into your options along with the progress of this with the dedicated technical team. So we can do this, please follow the details sent in the private message from @Joe.

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1: Seeker

I'm having the same issue? any fixes found?  Please private message.

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3: Seeker

IHave spent 2 months on phone to Vodafone and they have just sent me a new router.... let’s see if it’s the router.... 


they have also tho escalated to second line because I have to be plugged into test socket to get an internet connection.  So I am waiting for a call back.


yes - 2 months.... and counting...    I have a feeling it’s a router config or conflict with PlayStation Nat or something along those lines... but equally we get dropouts on all devices when someone turns a device on.  It doesn’t seem to manage the broadband load v well between devices.   If that makes sense

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Hey @joseph_morrison, thanks for getting in touch; it's disappointing to hear you're having the same problems. I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch so I can take a look into this for you. 

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3: Seeker

The new router has not resolved the issue.


ps4 does simply not work with Vodafone 

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2: Seeker

Correct. The router simply cannot work with the PS4. It never will. No amount of setting changes will work. 

Routers are not equal. Gaming routers exist for a reason.

As far as I know vodafone don't support use of your own router. 

There is a reason they won't post the required router settings for ps4 on here. Its they dont exist. 


I'm just happy my contract runs out soon. I wish they would say "not recommended for ps4 online gaming".  Or offered a slightly more expensive router option for gaming which people could have taken up.  Vodafone broadband is pretty cheap for the speed. The price you pay though is a router that cannot keep up with online games and will drop out. 

It's not the line.  It's the router. That's why my previous service with Plusnet never dropped out.  It's the same line. Maybe some small differences at the local exchange. 


Anyway I'm glad this is almost over for me. 


Good luck 

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2: Seeker

Regarding my earlier point I would like to add that I have read that Vodafone will infact give you you credentials to input into your own router.   (According to what I have read in another post) 

I probably won't bother buying a proper router as at this point in my contract it's cheaper from me to move to a different service provider.


So if youre wanting to use ps4 invest in a proper Netgear router or something . 

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