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Other broadband queries

Broadband down for over 4 days

2: Seeker

Since Thursday night our broadband kept resetting and going down every 5 mins or so then come back up for a short period.  Occasionally it would last longer but always failed again.  We also have a crackling sound on the line.


We created a ticket Friday morning, it finally got escalated to Openreach on Sunday morning.  However tonight the link has got even worst and has been completely down for hours.


The live chat is showing as busy every night.  There doesn't seem to be a way to call to get updates.   Or to give more information, how long does the connection have to be down before we can just cancel and get a new provider?






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16: Advanced member

Personally I would always call.

08080 034 515 for Home Broadband support (free from all UK landlines and mobiles).

There will be a long wait but they should be able to get the line tested.


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