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Other broadband queries

Broadband tech gift

1: Seeker

My broadband free tech gift has never arrived.

Vodafone broadband ordered.

Letter received to claim free gift.

Claim made between given dates. 

Email received and code registration completed. 

Received email stating my tech gift will be with me soon. Dispatched within 14 days but allow up to 30 days for delivery. 


I have now waited 30 days and have heard and received nothing not even an email to say item dispatched. Trying to contact Vodafone I’m just stuck on hold. 


Vodaphone i await your response on how you are going to resolve this issue. 


Kind regards 


A loyal Vodafone customer 


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2: Seeker

I also completed all registration etc. Received email saying to expect gift within 14 days, but allow 30.  After 30 days got another email saying to allow another 14 days. This took me to mid December. Still not here. Tried live chat but got nowhere. Rang Vodafone who told me it would be delivered on 29 / 30 December - it wasn't. Rang Vodafone again today to be told they had no control or knowledge of delivery dates. So how could they tell me it would be delivered at the end of December? TLC marketing never open when I'm not at work. I'm not giving up on this - it was the reason I chose Vodafone. They shouldn't be allowed to wash their hands of these issues. It's their promotion and they should take responsibility for it.

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13: Advanced Member

It's probably time to take this up with the Advertising Standards Authority.  Contractually your issue is with Vodafone and NOT with TLC.  The "gift" not having been forth comming is after this period of time an issue that Vodafone is legally responsible for - no matter what they tell you.  Your only problem is that "Resolution" may be deemed to be putting you back into the position you were before taking out the contract, which might require you to go through the OFCOM defined complaints procedure too!

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2: Seeker

Interestingly I've just had notification from Vodafone that there's a delay and I should allow another two weeks. This is 5 weeks after the last email that told me to wait two weeks. I imagine it will be the same merry-go-round in 2 weeks.

Although it would still be irritating to have a delay, surely it would be in Vodafone's best interests to just tell the truth. If it's going to take 2 months longer to get the stock, JUST TELL US! At least we'd think of you as honest. I feel at the moment that as a customer I'm treated with contempt. It would be nice if somebody from Vodafone came onto this forum and was just upfront with us. As you say, it's Vodafone's responsibility. As an aside I would also add that there are plenty of Sonos speakers in the shops. Perhaps as a goodwill gesture for the length of wait and copious amounts of misinformation, Vodafone could source their gifts from elsewhere and suck up the extra cost?

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4: Newbie


look at this thread Broadband Free Gift Offer. and wonder why there are three (or more?) threads about the same subject!

VF is very good at using the 'laberynth' technique to keep customers going round in circles with only burocratic replies and no solutions.

You should go ahead to make VF  keep the sales promise of a free gift!

I got mine after complaining.

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2: Seeker

Yeah. I'm working on it but still banging my head against a wall!

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