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Other broadband queries

Broadband upgrade offer via Chat - not honoured

1: Seeker

Yesterday I was offered a nil price increase to upgrade Superfast1 to SF2 on new 18m contract and a £2/m 'loyalty discount' on top.

Phoned customer service to accept the offer and they said 'no'....

Is it usual for offers on chat to be revoked at point of acceptance and how do I best proceed now?



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@Mrke Oh no! I know just how unsatisfying and frustrating this may be for you. Sometimes our offers and price plans are constantly changing. As you mentioned you were offered this yesterday, I'd recommend contacting our Sales team back on Live Chat where you were offered this. I'd explain the situation and the promotion you were offered for your broadband. I hope you manage to get things sorted with this 😊 If you need anything else at all, just drop us a message!

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