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Other broadband queries

Broadband virtually unusable

2: Seeker

We've had some up and downs on speed, but the last three days we've found our broadband to be virtually unusable in terms of speed in the evenings.  So much so I can't even get a speed test run to determine the speed.


I've tried restarting our router, to no effect.  We are currently syncing at significantly below what we had previously with another provider (plusnet) and the speed guaruntee is in effect, but this was a problem before, and now things are significantly worse.


I'm now having to resort to using the hotspot on my [vodafone] phone... seems to be worst between 5-10pm... but was also ropey at the weekend


Can't get through to you on chat, can someone here provide any assistance?

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2: Seeker

I have been trying to log into my online account all evening. no luck.  Only have a mobile contract with vodaphone.  Do you think the login problem is related to the general problem you are encountering with broadband.

Would you mind trying to log into your my account?


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3: Seeker

Yep.... feel your pain


there seem to have been a lot of threads created or added to over the last few days, so maybe there is an issue that hasn’t been communicated.


lots of people in the same boat, and it’s incredibly frustrating!

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12: Established

Vodafone will happily keep filling that boat till it sinks and the customers drown (or leave) and they replace them with another batch of unlucky customers.

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Hey @Pheo, I understand this must be frustrating that you've not been able to use the broadband. 

I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


@Peter2000 - I can only assume there must have been some maintenance work being carried out on the website. This wouldn't have been related to any broadband issues mentioned in this thread.


Did you manage to find what you were looking for online?

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