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Can Customer Relations be trusted??

2: Seeker

I am at my wit's end with vodafone, such appalling customer service.


I called the retentions team today as  I wish to leave my contract early on the basis of it being mis-sold (I was assured super-fast fibre was the best option for me, when in fact my lines are incapable of supporting this - Vodafone have acknowledged I shouldn't have been offered the more expensive package).  The man I spoke to advised he would be unable to release me from my contract without charge, this had to be handled by the Technical team rather than Retentions. I'm put through to Technical. They try to assist me (following same flow chart as previous 7 calls), when I insist that I really have got to the point of just wanting to leave they advise this can't be done by them, it must be done by Customer Relations. Can you put me through to Customer Relations? No, this is a call back service. Ok, could someone call me back today as I'd like this settled? No, we can only promise within 72 hours. Ok, fine. After ending call I ring back complaints department directly. Lady I speak to assures me I CAN speak to Customer Relations today, if I hold the line she'll put me through to a manager. After holding line, she comes back to tell me unfortunately the manager I was to be passed to is now in another call, could she call me back? I told her I was reluctant to put the phone down as I wasn't convinced I would get a call back. She giggled and said of course she would return my call, within the hour if not sooner.  This was 7 hours ago.

This is the latest in a long list of calls to Vodafone regarding my home broadband service and I just feel continually put off and let down with false promises and delay tactics. Bottom line is Vodafone acted dishonestly when I took out my contract as advisors have since acknowledged that my lines will never deliver the Fibre package offered. They have offered to downgrade me, but quite honestly I have lost confidence in the company and believe it is in my right to leave without charge.

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I'm really sorry you've not had a great experience @eefr500. It's certainly not the level of service we’d expect.


As your query’s account specific I’m unable to help you further with this on the forum, however I’ve sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch if you need to.



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