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Can I integrate THG3000 in a Network with ASUS GT AX11000 router

2: Seeker

Hi All,

Hoping for some assistance. I have today switch over to Vodafone Giga fast broadband. I have also ported my fixed line phone number to Vodafone. When using the supplied THG3000 wifi hub, I can use the internet and use the phone line. However, I have an existing ASUS GT AX11000 router which is part of an AI Mesh network. I can get the GT AX11000 to work with the Broadband and the network works great. However the issue is I cannot use the phone. A couple of questions:


1. Has anyone been able to set up a phone connection when using a non vodafone router/modem combination?

2. Has anyone integrated the THG3000 wifi hub with an Asus router? This should hopefully then allow the use of the phone through the THG3000.


Any assistance/advise would be greatly appreciated.






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16: Advanced member

For most users, you can't really integrate the supplied router with your own, since it's impossible to turn off many of the functions in the rather basic supplied router compared to the superior router you already have (and I assume you don't want to turn the Asus router into a dumb mesh extender).


The problem comes in getting the VOIP/SIP settings for a third party device into which you can plug in your phone.  At the moment it seems that in order to get that info you have to speak to the right Gigafast support member on a day when they are in a good mood!  This is on top of getting the username and password for the connection and setting the VLAN ID (usually) to 911 - currently, on Asus routers, you need to do this using the IPTV settings (on manual and apply to the WAN port), but there has already been a beta firmware that allows this from the WAN setup page.


See also:


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4: Newbie

You may be able to take the VOIP from the THG3000 and still use the Asus one downstream. I only use my THG3000 as modem and have something else downstream that works properly for my stuff.

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2: Seeker


Thanks both for the responses. How are you able to use the TSG3000 as a modem? I spoke to ASUS support and they advised this is not possible. Please let me know. If I can do that then this would be good. 





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4: Newbie

What I have is the THG3000 on and the 2nd router on as far as its downstream is concerned but it is set to facing towards the THG3000. The 2nd router is connected from its WAN port to #1 LAN port of THG3000. The 2nd router provides DNS,DHCP, Wi-Fi, etc.

THG3000 Settings

- Firewall
-- Allow Ping to WAN interface : OFF
-- Firewall : ON
- IPv4 Port Mapping
-- Static Port Mapping : NONE
-- Dynamic Port Mapping : NONE
- IPv6 Settings
-- IPv6 Pinholes : NONE
- Static NAT/DMZ
-- Exposed Host Function : OFF
-- DNS Configuration : MANUALLY
-- DNS Address : [your DNS address]
-- Secondary DNS Address :
-- Dynamic DNS : OFF
- Mobile Data (3G/4G)
-- Mobile : OFF

- General
-- Wi-Fi Network : OFF
-- Enable On/Off Button : OFF
- Schedule
-- Schedule Function : OFF
-- WPS Function : OFF
- Wi-Fi Settings
-- [ignore this bit, the Wi-Fi is off]
- MAC Filter
-- All settings are OFF
- Analyser ignored
- Client Monitor : NONE

Sharing : NONE

- Password : ignore, that's up to you
- Firmware update : ignore, that's up to you
- LED Settings : ignore, that's up to you
- Configuration : ignore, that's up to you
- Public Subnet
-- Enable : OFF
- Local Network
-- Local Address of Vodafone Hub : (this is the default)
-- LAN Subnet :
-- Wi-Fi2 Address of Vodafone Hub : (this is the default)
-- Wi-Fi2 Subnet :
-- Hostname : vodafone (this is the default)
-- DHCPv4 Server (both) : OFF
-- IPv6 (both) : OFF
- MAC Filter : ALL OFF


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2: Seeker

Thank you. Will give it a try. 



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2: Seeker

Hi Cynric,


I followed the steps below outlined but could not get the GT AX11000 to connect with the THG3000. Are there any other steps that need completing on the AX11000 other than the username, password supplied by vodafone and the VLAN ID?

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16: Advanced member

What you are actually doing here is "double NATting" the AX11000, so you shouldn't be using the username, password and VLAN ID as the THG3000 is going to be adding all those into the mix upstream.


It will get your phone working, but there are certain categories of internet use such as online gaming and two way streaming that often really don't like double NAT.

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