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Cannot remove content bar

2: Seeker

Hi All,


I recently purchased the GigaCube so I can use unlimited 4G. The upload/download speeds are very good, however I cannot remove the adult content bar. I have tried entering my card information and removing it myself, but I just get a general error after multiple cards, browsers and devices, I think it doesn't allow me to proceed as the name on my account is different than the name on my card since the agent who set up my account on the phone spelled my name wrong.


I also raised a chat support request and the agent I was talking to said that they removed the content bar for me and I can the confirmation text saying they have done so, however after 24 hours I still could not access the blocked content.


I called in and explained what happened and they said that they have removed the content bar again, however the same thing happened. I got the text but still cannot access the blocked sites. I have also since restarted the router physically and through the web interface.


When I purchased the GigaCube with unlimited data on special offer I recall the agent mentioning something about it coming with a trial of Vodafone secure net which I heard can take presidence over the content bar on the Vodafone account page. However, when I visit it says I am not eligible.


Is anyone able to help? :Sad_face:

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Jonoob 


The first thing to do is to get the spelling of your name corrected.  This shouldn't be outside the capabilities of live chat or 191 Customer Services, they should also be able to make sure content control if off for you.


If you would prefer to speak to the Team here on the forum, follow this link: Contact the Team

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16: Advanced member

A problem with the Gigacube that's been reported elsewhere is that it caches is DNS searches for way too long.  The fix may well be as simple as to turn it off, wait and then turn it back on again!

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