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Other broadband queries

Charges received after paying for AnyTime calls

2: Seeker

We subscribed to Vodafone landline and broadband in June 2018 and have the £8.00 per month Anytime calls add-on to landlines and mobiles. However, most months since then we get extra charges for landline calls added to our bill, these calls being to very normal 01/02/03/07 numbers which are all included in the add-on.

Last month (December bill) I was promised for the third time this was a mistake and had been fixed, would never happen again or smite me and send a plague of locusts.....

Guess what, it's happened again in the pending charges for the latest invoice.

It takes a good hour of my time to resolve this every month and is becoming a real pain in the proverbial.

In the vain hope someone from Vodafone monitors these posts, better still would be prepared to genuinely sort it out (not make broken promises), then feel free to do so.

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