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Other broadband queries

Chats cut off after 45 mins - no broadband

4: Newbie

Last Thursday lost our Broadband - problem as working from home, plus school sessions.

Real issues with Vodafone support, transpires we have a line issue in the CT2 area - it has taken hours on the phone to get any action from Vodafone (not the first time I've heard this) - it appears that chats are cut off after 45 mins, irrespective whether the problem is sorted or action agreed.  To go back in one has to start all over again from scratch - so it has taken many hours to get Vodafone to actually take any action - I understand now that we will get an Outreach engineer to action the issue next Tuesday.


If the Vodafone support is so brilliant, why don't they call back if they cut the customer off?  Current system is not fit for purpose -its not beyond braincells to stop this problem - Vodafone have the telnso registered, and if the line is down, ask for the mobile no just in case - ..................... 



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Hey there @robmar0se - I understand how important it is to have a stable connection, especially now! If you would like us to check your account for an update from our Home Broadband tech team/engineers, please contact us on social media with your full name and landline/account number. Be sure to include a link to this thread so you don't have to repeat yourself 😊

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