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Other broadband queries

Compatible Mesh WiFi

3: Seeker

Hi, I recently bought the Eero Mesh WiFi system to extend the coverage of the THG3000 router. To avoid a ‘Double Nat’ situation I think my only option is to put the Eero in bridge mode, since the VF router does not have that functionality (bridge mode). This essentially turns the Eero nodes into wireless extenders and loses the smart features. If I proceed with this, will I also lose all the control features of the THG3000? Seriously considering returning the Eero, but before I do has anyone any recommendations?

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4: Newbie

I had a Velop mesh system, before I rewired the house with cat 6.

Same situation, though. The Voda routers do not support "modem only", even if you deactivate DHCP and DNS. So I too had to run the Velop in bridge mode, losing all the fancy functionality. You will retain all the functions of the Vodafone router, limited though they are. It does work, though, and you'll get your Mesh network.

Let me know how you get on. 

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13: Advanced Member

@mroshaw wrote:

You will retain all the functions of the Vodafone router, limited though they are. It does work, though, and you'll get your Mesh network.

Let me know how you get on. 

It is not really a mesh network though.  Hybrid at best with a non meshed router and what amounts to little more than an expensive extender whether it is a single node or multiple nodes meshing between themselves.


To get the range around my house & garden area I bought three Velop nodes and connected to the VF THG3000 with wifi off and a pihole handling DNS.  I cant remember which device I settled on for handling DHCP but I tried them all with fairly unsatisfactory results.


Soon after that I bought a Linksys MR8300 mesh router  (a Velop in a traditional router case) and a Draytek modem.  I could have used another Velop node as my primary router but I wanted the Gigabit Enet ports for my Smart home hubs and the 8 port switch for wired devices.  It has all been running happily ever since.  No down time, no dropped connections to my Apple devices, full range and lots of wired and wifi devices connected.


Of course, if I leave VF at the end of contract, I'll have to find another ISP that allows own kit but I’ll worry about that in around four months time 😊.  

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2: Seeker

Err, if you bridge the routers correctly you should lose no features of the new router and there's reason to disable the DCHP on either.


Simply have the Vodafone running on the IP range of and then your router connects as as a WAN connection. You can set as a static IP address in the Vodafone settings. Then on the new router you use the LAN PORTS IP address range of, your new router will assign devices on the 192.168.1.XXX range and the gateway is but for the router the gateway is but you don't see that part by your devices.


The benefit of doing this way is that you can then put your new router in DMZ mode which gives your new router full control over NAT, Port Forwarding and so forth.  Then to improve your wireless speed over the MESH disable the WIFI on the Vodafone router because even if you don't connect to the Vodafone router wireless it still uses bandwidth allocation because the band is shared. People in detected houses for example have better wireless speeds than those who live in flats because the bandwidth is shared regardless if your connected to them or not.



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3: Seeker

Silly question from a non-tech person currently on the Gigafast 900 fibre service with VOIP:


If you bridge the routers as per @SimonHayterUK will the VOIP still be left working on the Vodafone router?  I read from the support page that if you use a third party router the VOIP will not work (and they do not give out sufficient info to allow you to set up the VOIP correctly yourself on your own hardware), so the only option would be to try to bridge and then hope the VOIP still worked via the Vodafone router.


I'm looking to add a Unify UDM Pro plus CCTV and mesh access points etc, and the only thing stopping me at the moment is the fear that the VOIP will not work.


Any advice please?

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