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Connecting Nest Protect smoke alarm to Vodafone Hub

3: Seeker

Hello all,


This is my first time posting on this forum but would greatly appreciate any help regarding connecting a Nest Protect smoke alarm to my Vodafone Broadband hub.


I recently purchased a Nest Protect smoke alarm and am having great difficulty getting it to work. I have been through all of the troubleshooting guides and had lots of conversations with google but to no avail.


I don't know much about networking, but one of the things that Google has asked me to do is ensure that my router is IPv6 capable. This does not mean a lot to me, but when I have accessed my router settings, I see IPv4 listed. There are sections related to IPv6 where I can 'Add a Pinhole' but I am unsure how to do this or what this even means - but does suggest that the router is IPv6 capable?


When I enter my Xbox network settings, I see that it has an IPv4 connection, suggesting that this is what is being used.


So, has anyone on here been able to connect a Nest Protect smoke alarm successfully to their Vodafone hub? 



I am currently using the THG3000 Hub, and it is Nest Protect 2nd Generation


Many thanks



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Hi @jimjamjimmyball At present our routers use IPv4, with IPv6 expected to be rolled out later this year. At present we don't have an exact date for this, but I'd recommend keeping an eye on our website and social media channels for further updates. 

If your device requires IPv6 to run, you may not be able to use this fully until IPv6 is rolled out across our systems.

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