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Other broadband queries

Connecting gigafast and standard Broadband routers wirelessly

2: Seeker

Is it possible to be able to connect an old standard phone line vodafone router and a new gigafast router wirelessly so I can extand my wifi signal to my workshop in the garden?


I know this can be done using a ethernet cable, however I may as well just use a longer ethernet cable for the Gigafast router but unfortuntely this would mean putting the cable through a wall which I can not do, so for the reason to connect the 2 routers wirelessly.

I have tried connecting 1 router to the other via WPS but I cannot get the routers to connect to each other!


Any Help would be really appreciated

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16: Advanced member

There is no means to set up the old router as an access point, which would turn off its provision of network services and have it route everything to the other newer router.


You say you can do this using an ethernet cable, if you do, everything connected to the old router will be double NATed, which potentially causes routing issues, and devices connected to the different routers would not be able to see each other so smarts, NAS boxes, music servers won't work consistently!


I know its a nice idea, it unfortunately just doesn't work with the VF routers!

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