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Other broadband queries

Connection speed / DLM

7: Helper


when I first moved to Vodafone (12/04/17) I received a connection speed of 62 Mb/s. Great thinks I.. slight improvement on what I was getting previously.

Over the ensuing weeks, this steadily dropped to about 54 Mb/s.

On Monday I contacted Vodafone to obtain my PPPoE login details. I then spent a day trying and failing to set up an alternative router. It turns out I had been given the wrong password, so yesterday connection with a different router was established.

My connection speed has now dropped to 44 Mb/s (and yes, I have tried going back to the Vodafone router which was slightly worse at 42 Mb/s).

I assume that most, if not all, of this reduction in speed is down to DLM. My constant reboots of the router, and subsequent DSL reconnects must have made it look like I had a really flaky connection.

Can anything be done to start the DLM from day zero now that I won't be reconnecting all the time? Do Vodafone have any say in this, or is it purely managed by Openreach? Will the speed creep back up?


The big question: Can DLM be completely disabled on my account? I really don't mind brief disconnects, even on a daily basis, if it means I can regain speeds approaching the maximum my DSL is capable of (about 65 Mb/s according to my HG635)


I assume the answer is to speak to the dedicated broadband team on live chat who may or may not know what I'm talking about, but you never know :smileywink:


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10: Established

Owen I had the same issue with mine when I moved to my own router.  I stupidly was happily rebooting for every little tweak and change on my own modem and DLM kicked in heavy for me.


Within a couple of weeks of stability it was back to a stead reasonable speed.  Then recently I had power issues and DLM punished me again, but it is almost back to normal after about a week of stability.


The best thing you can do is leave well enough alone and let your modem keep connected.  You may notice diconnects as DLM starts increasing your line stats and so your speed as it is more stable.


Unfortunately I do not think vodafone can do anything here - it is a BT feature and they will neither disable it nor will they reset it for you unless you had a line fault that an OR engineer fixed.


Good luck - keep it stable, keep your fingers crossed and the DLM gods may shine on you.  If it does fall below them min guarantee from Vodafone they might be able to do something (like let you out of contract) but since you know you have been rebooting recently it is likely that is the problem.

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10: Established


Paul is correct, DLM is out of Vodafone's reach and it can't be turned off.  The advice to 'leave it alone' is sound!  With a stable line, DLM should start to increase your speeds over time.  This can take a couple of weeks to even start (there's some sort of alogrithm that determines when it starts and how aggressive the changes are depending on the previous instability).

If after a few weeks you've seen no difference at all, you may be able to see if Vodafone can ask for your line to be re-trained - although this is a request to Openreach.

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9: Established
Rebooting a router a number of times will not automatically cause DLM to kick in. Most equipment these days has a feature called "last gasp". When a router is correctly rebooted, so from within it's control panel etc. A signal is sent to the exchange telling it that the reboot is expected, planned and had been correctly initiated. The equipment in the exchanges will support this - I cannot confirm if the Vodafone router does, but most other devices do. I'm not saying DLM hasn't kicked in for you, but just rebooting your device "correctly" shouldn't cause it to kick in.
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7: Helper

Well my speed has now dropped below the minimum guaranteed speed.

I've got an Openreach engineer coming out today, so that should be interesting.

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Moderator (Retired)


Thanks for letting us know you've got an Openreach engineer coming to take a look at this.

Please let us know how you get on.

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3: Seeker

I had this too. 
I asked to leave VF after my speeds dropped from 60+ to around 32 with a garunteed speed of 49.
Tech 2 kept stating that there was no fault detected on the line, but for some reason the VDSL was dropping out every couple of days.

They sent out an Openreach Engineer who also could find no faults, and did a DLM reset. After he left the speeds went back to 60+, but after 2 weeks the speeds have now settled on 50.4 Down/15.0 Up which I'm ok with.

Before the Engineer came out, my line was stable and hadn't disconnected in around 2 weeks (albeit at 35 mbps), however there was 0 change in my speeds, so I'm not sure how long it takes for DLM to start increasing speeds again.

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7: Helper

Soofla: I wasn't exactly rebooting my router correctly, I was swapping different bits of kit in and out willy nilly.


Openreach engineer came on Saturday. Did some tests, then left, I assume to go to the cabinet. Whilst he was away, my connection reset with a new speed of 60 Mb/s . Result thinks I. I have no idea what he actually did. Presumably somehow reset the connection in the cabinet.


I then swapped the VF router out for my HG635, and my speed dropped to 55. I then put my VF router back in to attain 56. I'd like to just put the HG635 back in place, but I'm reluctant to keep mucking about with it again.

Think I'll leave well alone for a bit and see what happens. 

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7: Helper

Well my connection reset overnight (I get emails from my mail server whenever my IP changes, and it updates my dynamic hostname).

65.5 Mb/s download! Result.

As much as I want to put my own router in place, I think I'm going to stick with the VF one for a while and see how it goes.

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2: Seeker

Turn your router off between 30 to 60 minutes in that will force dynamic line management to reset itself which will give you your full sync speed back customer service don't know what there talking about.

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