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Dlna on gigabox router

3: Seeker



I have a gigabox router and am trying to use the DLNA file sharing facility to store and stream music across my WiFi.


I have about 1000 songs on a memory stick which i have connected to the router.

I have enabled DLNS and sharing on the router settings and the memory stick appears as a mass storage drive on the network. I am able to upload and download files  to the memory stick. However I am having problems with the DLNA part.


The update process for DLNA, where the music is catalogued into folders takes ages (all night) and sometimes does not find all the music. Whenever I make any changes the whole process then starts again.


Is this a usual problem or do I need to make any changes?


Any help appreciated. I do not have a lot of experience with this system.



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16: Advanced member

I can't speak for the THG3000/VOX3 router, but DLNA has never worked properly with the HHG2500/VOX2.5 and in pretty much the manner that you describe.  Why and how it messes up DLNA I don't know, but I do know that using the THG2500 devices on the network can only pull up a tiny subset of files on the local (raspberry Pi 4 based) media server, while when substituting in my own router the full directory of 50,000+ files is available (I still have the best part of a tonne of vinyl to rip too!).


So you are not alone, and I'm not aware of any easy fix, or any fix what so ever other than to abandon using the VF router!

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3: Seeker

Thanks for info. Appreciated

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