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Other broadband queries

Does our socket need changing

2: Seeker

So my dad recently changed our internet to Vodafone as we was with sky and it was awful. We do not have a stable connection we have low download speeds that aren't what we was guaranteed in this area. We have tried everything. I was wondering whether it was because we needed tl change our master socket. It was there when we first moved in meaning it's over 17 years old. 

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If your dads able to connect through the current socket @Jackh99, you shouldn't need to change this. If your dads service has only just been activated, your speeds will fluctuate in the first 10 days whilst the service settles. If it's outside this time, pop us a Private message through Facebook, or a Direct Message on Twitter and one of our dedicated advisers will be able to take a look into this for you 🔎

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