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Error Message when attempting to map ports on THG3000 router

2: Seeker

I recenty had to do a factory reset on my router due to some strange DHCP issue I was having. However, since the reset I am having issues setting up the port mapping again. When I have scanned for the open ports, it is still showing the old ports open since before the reset, which shouldn't be the case.


Here is a screenshot of the error message where I attempt to map port 443 on local port 22 on my Acer laptop: (see Port Mapping Error-min.PNG)


Here is a screenshot of the open ports: (see Port Open Port-min.PNG)


And, finally, here is a screenshot of the settings I am using when setting up port mapping: (see Port Mapping Port Settings-min.PNG)


I am unsure of what could be causing it. Although, I suspect the factort reset is playing a big part in the issue. Also, I am getting the same error message when I attempt to map a port which isn't already open.


Any assistance is appreciated.




2: Seeker
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Hey @CarlM24 thanks for getting in touch. We'll need to take a further look into this. 

Please contact us via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Make sure to pop your username and link to this thread in your message too, this will save you having to explain again and we can help you quicker. 

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