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Other broadband queries

Exetender for Vodaphone THG3000 router ?

2: Seeker

Hi All - I am hoping someone can help.  New to Vodaphone Superfast 2 this week and the experience to date has been painful...…..


Whilst I have a number of issues, my short term priority is trying to extend the signal around our townhouse (3 floors) router on middle floor - Openreach said Vodaphone should/would provide extenders compatible with the router as signal so poor - Vodaphone are saying they won't provide them even though the signal is not fit for purpose.


1. Please can you share any recommended solutions for extending the router ? I've read on the forum that these routers might not compatible for extending:)   At the moment there is an ok signal in 2 rooms  (out of 8 - 25%).


Ongoing issues:

2.  Broadband is running at 25Mbps v advertised 63 - hoping it will improve over coming days.

3.  Seem unable to connect iPhone's reliably - is there a fix to this issue ?


Many thanks in advance for your help.




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3: Seeker

I am also interested in the best range extender for my 3story town house.

Downstairs I get speed of 200mbps.

1 floor up its down to an erratic 10mbps. I have a single tplink range extender which I previously used with ADSL broadband and I don't think it's near powerful enough. 

I was thinking of getting a set of 4 powerline adaptors.





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2: Seeker

Hi, I had gigafast installed this week and had exactly the same issue. 'Luckily', due to vodafone cancelling a previous order and installation date they sent me a second THG3000 which i then used as an extender in the far end of the house (older house, thicker walls). Took a bit of playing as just didn't work first time round but all good now 🙂 

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