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FTP server in Vodafone Connect Router

2: Seeker

I am trying to use the FTP server built in to the vodafone connect router

I have enabled the FTP server toggle switch on

I have added a user with a password on the same webpage

I can login to the ftp server using open with the username and password from the previous step in the ftp command line app in Windows. I can also login with anonymous and my email.

I am unable to put or get files and unable to make a new directory.

How do I set the permissions on the user?

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So we can take a look into this for you, please follow the instructions provided in the Direct Message i've just sent you.



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2: Seeker

At this point, following the private message from Mark, I'm going to comment on the complete inability of Vodafone to understand what this question was about. This is not an account specific question. I am just trying to figure out how to set permissions in the FTP facility in the Vodafone connect router.

Shortly after I posted my question, I worked out that the web UI does contain a route to solve the problem.

You have to

1) go to the Sharing Settings page in the router web UI

2) expand the listing under Disk-sharing privileges for your USB drive

3) click on the URL for the share, this reveals the user privileges for the shared drive

4) Use the + symbol to add your ftp user under the needs authentication heading

5) tick the heading under the ftp heading to require ftp users to be authenticated

6) set your ftp user permissions to Read+Write or whatever you want for the ftp setup that you are trying to do.

This should all be explained in the online guides somewhere but I had no idea of what to do until I guessed that I needed to click on a series of items that didn't really look as though they were going anywhere.

So, the online chat team denied that this was anything to do with Vodafone. They advised that I contact FTP (sic)

The telephone support guys ended up by saying that Vodafone did not support FTP at all.

Mark here thought it was something that was account specific. Err no, I was just trying to figure out how to navigate through the user interface - it is not obvious!

At the end of all of this I had a working ftp site that my security camera is able to post its videos to. The site can be set using the URL \\\A - use the IP of your router and the name of the share - FTP is case sensitive so you have to use exactly what is presented by the router. You may be able to use \\vodafone.connect\A if the router's name is usable in your network.

I have attached a snip image of the finished result in the UI.

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I'm sorry I misunderstood you request and was unable to help you.


I'm glad you've managed to resolve you issue and thanks for sharing the solution.





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1: Seeker


What is the status on this problem?

I need to setup FTP on my Vodafone router. The solution provided is not working as there is no menu to set privileges by FTP user on my router interface.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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4: Newbie

can you access the ftp remotely ? Where is the manual that expplains such thnigs I'd like to have a look before I set my router up next week. Seems like there are some useful features to play with,

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4: Newbie

have you got a usb connected / guessing it does notshow permissions unless you have.

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