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Other broadband queries

Facebook/WhatsApp issues.

2: Seeker

Newly installed WiFi but unable to connect with Facebook or WhatsApp photo sharing. Very frustrated, can message on WhatsApp but WiFi won’t let me access photos/ videos. Tried resetting WiFi but no good. Have to knock off WiFi to access Facebook. Bring back talk talk ! 

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13: Advanced Member

what do you mean Newly installed WiFi , , new to vodafone or just new router ,or some thing like you are running a new google wifi hub etc .

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2: Seeker

Hi. New to Vodafone. Been with Talk Talk a number of years. Set up with Vodafone as per instructions. All working except for Facebook which I am unable to connect with at all unless I disengage WiFi.  WhatsApp photos no use .Can send and receive messages on WhatsApp ok. 

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Hey @Rams65, we don't restrict websites like Facebook.

Are the images your trying to view being shared from a specific site?

If you've just actviated your broadband, you may have content controls still enabled.

You can remove this through your online account here.

For more help on how to remove the content controls click here.


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