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Fibre is synced, devices connected, but internet is intermittent

2: Seeker

Hi, we have just joined Vodafone home fibre. Setup went well, and our router has synced and our system uptime and connection uptime has been unbroken for 6 days.

We have a number of devices connected (mostly phones and tablets), however internet access is very intermittent.

The router is showing that it is connected and synced to the fibre, the devices are showing that they are logged onto the wifi, the router is showing that devices are connected to the wifi, however after a few minutes of use any device stops being able to access the internet. Browsers report that the web page is not reachable, and apps report that there is no intenet connection. Nothing shows in the logs. The router still shows as connected and synced, the devices are still listed as connected by the router, and the devices themselves are still showing that they are connected to the Wifi with a valid ip address etc. So it clearly isn't a simple disconnection issue.

The only way to resolve this issue is to restart the wifi service on the phone or tablet (at least with a iphone it's quite easy). When the device reconnects to the wifi, we get a few minutes of internet use before this all starts again.

This is happening on EVERY device in our household and is becoming infuriating when we are all doing this literally every few minutes.

I have tried separating the wifi frequencies, I have tried only using one frequency. I have changed channels. I have turned off every other wireless device in the house (including home phone), nothing seems to improve the situation.

Is there a setting I am missing? Do I have a faulty router?

Our cooling off period ends soon as Sky is looking very tempting right now.

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4: Newbie

read other posts about speed, and get out of dodge . had same things it dont get better

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2: Seeker

Speed is not an issue. We get good speeds all day long. Just only for a few minutes at a time.

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13: Advanced Member

The three main problems are:

1) The vodafone router is unable to handle much wifi traffic.

2) The Vodafone router is not good at maintaing the DSL connection to the cabinet (for FTTC)

3) For some customers the link from the exchange back to Vodafone gets overloaded.


Problems 1 and 2 can be solved by using a different router.  The easiest solution to problem 3 is to change to a different ISP within the 1st 30 days of the contract.

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