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Other broadband queries

Five months and still no welcome gift plus appalling customer service

2: Seeker

Has anyone else had problems receiving their free welcome gift.?

The £120 M&S voucher was what swayed us to choose this  broadband. We've tried to contact customer service in various ways and after a week of being passed from one person to the next and being asked to repeat things when promised timeframes are also ignored by staff, we are no further. We had planned to use it for Xmas .

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17: Community Champion

Hi @EmmaSteve 


Vodafone were running a promotion earlier in the year through affiliates MoneySupermarket, Compare the Market and USwitch.


The voucher should have been sent to your email address and claimed online, the voucher would have come from ‘WeGiftf' but with Vodafone branding.  If you have not received your voucher you need to email  uk - vodafone vouchers @ awin. com (you need to remove the spaces the forum won't let us post email addresses).   


It would be worth checking your spam box just in case the voucher ended up there.

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