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Forgotten Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub password after changing it a while back ;/

3: Seeker

When I first set my virgin superhub 2 i thought it would be more convenient to change the default long password to a more easier one but i forgot to make a note of it. I've tried looking for solutions but no luck  and strangely i cant even successfully reset the router the details don't change back. Any help? 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Bkhan66 


You may want to try calling the Broadband Team.

"call 08080 034 515  (free from all UK landlines and mobiles) with lines open between 8am and 11pm, seven days a week."


The Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries may also be able to help you with this too.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Bkhan66 


As you mention you are using a Virgin hub, I was under the impression this would be locked to the Virgin network and you would have needed to unlock the device from Virgin to use on the Vodafone network. I am sure this is a mistake and you mean a Vodafone hub.


To answer your question:


You will need to reset the hub and return it to factory settings, this will enable you to reset the forgotten password back to default.  Please remember this will also delete any other settings you may have installed.

To reset the hub, there is a pinhole reset button on the side of the router, you will need something reasonably thin to fit in, hold it for 10 seconds until the white power light is solid.  

When the hub has been reset you will be able to set it up again and add any settings you wish to include.


Edited to add:  If you mean the Vodafone Connect Router please refer to these links.

Resetting Vodafone Router 

Device Guides 


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16: Advanced member

I was under the impression that the Virgin Superhub 2 is a DOCIS device, and as such would be completely incompatible with absolutely any Vodafone broadband service available in the UK - no matter what you did to it!

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