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Other broadband queries

Free “tech gift” with Broadband

2: Seeker

I managed to seek "compensation" by emailing the CEO email (Nick Read) but more for the customer journey of being treated like ##~## as a new customer. I'm currently trying to take up the issue with TLC via email and Twitter but both times they suddenly stop responding to my emails/DM's. When I've got the head, I'll be collecting all of my evidence to take to regulators to file an official complaint.


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2: Seeker

Spoke to Vodafone  customer care this morning. 

Apparently the free tech gift isn't part of the terms and conditions when you sign up so don't hold your breath on getting it. Vodafone just used it as a scam to get people to sign up. Which is why you cantc claim the gift till AFTER the cooling off period (30 days) you also can't get out of the contract either.

Clever scam by Vodafone. 😁😀

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I'm sorry you've had a poor experience @Hayley80 The offer was certainly not meant to mislead anyone. 


If you'd like us to look into this further, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.



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3: Seeker


Thank you for replying.  But I'm not sure why you think PM-ing me the customer services contact details would be helpful??? Since at this point we have contacted customer service multiple times, been transferred to various different departments each time. And been told lots of different stories each time. With each representative telling us that all of the previous ones were wrong.  Several reps even going so far as to say that the previous rep would require a training refresh or disciplinary, and then they promise us that this time would be different.  They are telling us the correct information. And they alone, would fix the problem for us.  With the exception of course, of the most recent call.  In which the final rep told us that nothing could be done. We had missed all deadlines (which we knew nothing of as we received nothing but the installation date e-mail with a promise that further correspondence would come later which it never did) and yet each contact with customer service to chase at the time was met with fobbing off/lies that they were raising it to get the mail's resent etc. 

As far as I can see, we signed up to a cold call deal, in which we had been promised that severing our contract with BT would be free as BT had raised it's prices.  This was untrue as we were charged for leaving.  We were promised an enticing free gift, and as we would really like a go pro for a big holiday next year, we fell for it, hook line and sinker.  We are intellegent and usually sceptical people, we know not to fall for deals that are too good to be true.  But we have both held Vodafone phone contracts for many years in the past and rated your company through those years, my husband is currently with Vodafone for his mobile and hadn't experienced any problems. We stupidly believed we could trust such a big company that we had a good relationship with.

But since then, your company failed to contact us at all via the communication channels promised.  Fobbed us off when we did all that we could to make reasonable attempts to chase you up; as we had no understanding of how the deal worked having not received the e-mail containing the very strict (by the sounds of it now) claim process details.

We feel let down, lied too, and then to basically be told it is all our fault and there is nothing more that Vodafone are willing to do to help us rectify their failures.  This is very upsetting as we (your customers) are being made to feel stupid, and like we are trying to claim for something that we are not entitled to.  When none of this is our fault.


We signed up in good faith.

We didn't receive any correspondence about the deal.

We chased the lack of correspondence when we realised that we hadn't had anything.

So please explain why we are being told this is our fault, and no gift will now be offered to us.

These are not the actions I expect from a multi national company that claims to be all about it's customers.

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3: Seeker

Oh and isn't it strange that if our situation is a genuine mistake on your companies part.  That so many others are experiencing the exact same 'mistake' oh and this isn't isolated to this deal either.  This seemed to be an issue with last year's deals too  I realise the more forum posts I'm now reading from your poor, fellow scammed customers.  

We will never trust Vodafone again, that is for sure.

What an appaling way to treat loyal customers.

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2: Seeker

I actually claimed my gift within the allotted time jumped through all the hoops had the email to say it'll be with me within 30 days then another email please allow another 14 days now going into the 9th week still no gift. When you phone TLC they give you the same spill " it's pending" and we're not sure when it'll be dispatched after keeping you waiting on hold for 45 minutes. Vodafone aren't interested as they've got you locked into the contract now so don't really give a to$$ if you get the gift or not.

I've noticed the mod keep saying he'll help and prv messaging vodafone customer care number 

Yer like that's really helpful. LOL. 

Was reading a post on Facebook the other day and the guy hit the nail on the head with his new name for vodafone "Conafone"  

And yes Mr Mod.. Vodafone's scam is all over Facebook as well.

I suggest everyone does what I've done... Complain to Vodafone also send a complaint to ofcom I've also emailed trading standards and emailed the BBC programme Watchdog.

Vodafone may of scammed me but going to try my hardest to make sure it doesn't happen to others

Can't wait for the contract to end probably along with 1000's of others

CONAFONE the company that like you scam you...


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2: Seeker

I changed to Vodafone from Virgin when I realised that in common with many other big companies they reward loyalty by repeatedly hiking the charges......

Received the details of the tech gift, applied etc etc.

2 Nov received code

9 Nov choice received, estimate 14 days but allow 30 days

30 Nov high demand, delays but allow an extra 2 weeks

Recently contacted Vodafone customer services online chat to ask what is going on, only to be fobbed off and given the phone number for TLC who appear to be shut over the Christmas period.

My contract is with Vodafone, the promotion was offered by Vodafone, all the emails were from Vodafone and now it's my problem to sort out with a third party with whom I have no relationship.

'Customer services' - surely the clue is in the name or have I missed something??


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@redhat We're really sorry for the delay getting your free gift, we understand how frustrating this must be and apologise for the wait.

Please continue to keep us updated. There's been a very high demand and we've been working in conjunction with TLC Marketing to get them sent out as quickly as possible.

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4: Newbie


look at this thread and at least two more dealing with this issue:


Some people, like me, got the gift after complaining but several others have had to sue VF to get anywhere!

This promise of a moderator @TJ may be a solution to the frustration of many customers!



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