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Other broadband queries


2: Seeker

Hi guys


i live in rural Kent and am in the process of having ftth installed by Openreach.  When it’s installed, will I be able to order from Vodafone?


my postcode is TN172BS 





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17: Community Champion

Hi @Snaga 


When Opereach have completed the ftth installation you will be able to find availability at the location here: 

Check your broadband availability and speed 


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16: Advanced member

FTTH & FTTP are not subject to the same LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) rules as are ADSL & VDSL.  In some locations, there are local agreements in place but there is nothing mandatory!  So if OpenReach have recently installed FTTH it may (or may not) mean switching to BT in order to make use of it


Nationwide the situation is being looked into, but frankly, it's a bit of a mess, and new legislation is being worked on.  It also gets rather tied up with the Guaranteed Service Provision.


I guess the simple answer is that we won't know until the service in your area is made available for use!

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