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Other broadband queries

Gigafast Availability

2: Seeker


I've just checked the Vodafone broadband availability checker and apparently I can now get Gigafast Broadband, which would be fantastic.


But although City Fibre have been digging lots of holes in the area they haven't been near my house and my road is a unusual in that there are only a few houses  and its mostly parkland, a fire station and a cementary (they did some holes further down outside the cementary!)


Is the broadband availability checker always accurate and is there a way of confirming that if I order they will definetly be able to make a connection?


I had a similiar issue before with another well known company , they turned up on the day of installation and found it was impossible to make the connection leaving me without internet and landline!





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Hi @Smitty, it's great to hear that you're looking at Gigafast broadband. We will update our availability checker online from the information that we receive from CityFibre so the information that you get should be up to date. 

On the day of the installation, the engineer will inform you of what needs to be done to install the new line and make sure you're happy. Once everything is agreed, the engineer will get to work installing the service 🙂

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2: Seeker

Put an order in and was given an installation date, very exciting! 


Then got a text message saying, “as requested we’ve cancelled your order.”  I gave the sales call a team and apparently, they cancelled it for me as they’ve come across challenges that stop them from connecting the property right now. 


Really frustrating as they seem to have put miles of ducting in our road that goes past the cemetary, crematorium and open fields but then missed out our stretch.


There only suggestion is that I register my interest and then I will be notified if they figure it out, but no indication of timescales and no guarantee it will ever happen. 

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